Swaran Ghar 7th July 2022 Written Update: Sharvari gets doubtful


Swaran Ghar 7th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Vikram getting to know about Swaran visiting Ajit’s dhaba to discuss about the papers. Kiran, Nimmo start to worry. Vikram decides to put the clean papers to avoid any problems. Ajit gets a call from someone again and again. He doesn’t attend the call. Ajit tells Divya that he will go to Swaran Ghar to sign the papers. He asks Divya not to be tensed as he will return soon and he is going there as he is still the legal guardian of Swaran. He also promises to keep his feelings for Swaran a secret.

Swaran does Aarti of Aarav as it’s his birthday. Aarav asks Swaran for his gift. Swaran surprises him with a miniature of Swaran Ghar which pics of all family members in it. Aarav gets excited seeing it. Swaran tells Aarav that she will go to Gurudwar with him. Vikram comes there and asks Swaran when his lawyer will come. Bebe asks Swaran what was the need to call another lawyer and if she doesn’t trust Vikram. Swaran tells Bebe that Kanwaljeet told her to cross check and read carefully every paper before signing on it.

Ajit comes there with the lawyer whom Sharvari has sent. He checks the papers carefully and tells Swaran that the papers are clear, she and Ajit can sign on it. Swaran gets relieved. Nimmo puts fire in the miniature of Swaran Ghar to divert everyone’s attention from the papers. Aarav sees it and starts crying. Swaran, Ajit and other rush to Aarav. Swaran asks Aarav not to cry as she will fix the miniature of Swaran Ghar. Vikram on the other hand changes the paper. Ajit sits and sign on it. Later Swaran also signs on the paper. Vikram’s lawyer takes the paper with him.

Swaran asks Aarav to go to Gurudwar with her where she promises to fix Aarav’s gift. Vikram rejoices after Swaran leaves for Gurudwar with Aarav. He says that finally his mission is successful. Nimmo reminds him that the plan was her only. She says that finally Swaran Ghar belongs to them. Vikram corrects her and says that Swaran Ghar belongs to Kiran Nakul Bedi and Vikram Bedi. Vikram, Nimmo and Swaran start celebrating for their victory.

After leaving Swaran Ghar Ajit gets call from the same person who was calling him earlier. He told Ajit that Ajit had made his dhaba illegally on his plot. Ajit tells him that both the dhaba and plot belongs to him only. Ajit wishes to meet the person. Swaran meets Sharvari on the way. She asks Swaran if she has signed on the papers. Swaran informs Sharvari that the papers are clear so both she and Ajit signed on it. Sharvari asks Swaran if she didn’t find any thing weird. Swaran gets clueless. Sharvari tells Swaran that Yug and Nakul left on same day when Vikram got the papers. Swaran gets thought ful. The episode ends.

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