Swaran Ghar Upcoming Story: Ajit to apologize to Swaran?


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Swaran Ghar depicts the emotional turmoils and rollercoaster journey of an aged widow mother Swaran on ColorsTV and voot app and currently we are seeing that Swaran becomes helpless due to Bebe’s fever. She goes outside in rain and brought medicine for Bebe. Ajit sends message for her via RJ Tanha.

In the previous episode, Swaran recalled Ajit and wondered if she should call him as he made him sad earlier. Swaran’s phone got switched off due to low battery. Bebe started shivering in cold. Swaran checked Bebe and realised that she was having high fever. She went to put her phone in charge but the light went off.

Swaran failed to find any medicine in her or Bebe’s bag. Swaran shouted for help, she called for a phone but none responded. Swaran put bedsheet, duppata on Bebe to make her feel warm.

Swaran went outside in search of doctor and medicine. Nimmo at a drunken state told the guests that the house belonged to her. She said that she would remove the useless family album of Swaran and her family.

Swaran got to know that doctor’s chamber was 5 kilometres away. Swaran reached there by cycle and brought the medicine. She made Bebe had it. She noticed waterlog at home and felt helpless. She got Ajit’s message via RJ Tanha. She got motivation and cleaned the mess. She thought that her hope lies in Ajit.

In the upcoming episode, Ajit apologises to Swaran for his inappropriate behaviour, for which he expresses regret. Swaran tells him to get angry, reprimand her, or do anything else, but never leave her. Ajit says never. Arjun meets Ajit but they don’t recognize each other. Arjun, Ajit and Swaran are praying together in the Gurudwar.

Will Arjun meet Swaran?

Will he recognise Ajit? Will Bebe be alright?

What will happen to Vikram and Kiran?

To know stay tuned to Swaran Ghar on ColorsTV/Voot app and this space.