Swaran Ghar Upcoming Story: Nakul to question Swaran


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Swaran Ghar depicts the emotional turmoils and rollercoaster journey of an aged parents Swaran and Kanwaljeet on Colors TV and voot app, and currently we are seeing that Swaran’s sons making her fool emotionally and Swaran having a melt down. She decides to change the will made by Kanwaljeet as she doesn’t want to punish her sons. Vikram brings clients to sell Swaran Ghar.

In the previous episode Swaran’s sons hugged and apologized to her. They said they don’t have any problem with Ajit being their guardian as they don’t want anything else except their mother. Swaran cried and hugged them all. They said they want to arrange the 13th day ritual heartily. Nakul called Ajit and invited him. Vikram apologized to Ajit and they ask to bring the food of ritual from Ajit’s dhaba.

Swaran told Ajit that her sons have changed and returned to her. She wished to bring change in the will. Nimmo told Kiran that it was her plan to fool Swaran by her sons. Vikram called property dealer at home. Clients came to see house, Vikram took them to the terrace. Swaran started looking for Vikram.

In the upcoming episode Nakul will tell Swaran that why should she have expectations from her sons as she has her guardian now, whose name they haven’t heard in lifetime. He will ask Swaran why Kanwaljeet has made Ajit their guardian. Vikram will reply that Kanwaljeet lost his mind so he made Ajit the guardian. Swaran gets furious and tries to slap Vikram. Vikram holds Swaran’s hand and stops her.

What made Nakul question Swaran? Will Swaran get to know her sons’ real intention? How will Swaran handle the situation? What will Ajit do now?

To know stay tuned to Swaran Ghar on ColorsTV/Voot app and this space.