Swaran Ghar Upcoming Story: Swaran to witness an accident?


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Swaran Ghar depicts the emotional turmoils and rollercoaster journey of an aged widow mother Swaran on ColorsTV and voot app and currently we are seeing that Swaran leaves Swaran Ghar with Bebe. Ajit learns about their departure.

In the previous episode, Swaran asked Aarav to obey his parents always. Aarav asked Swaran where she is going. Swaran said that she doesn’t know, she only knows that she has to go. Vikram blocked her way and said that he didn’t ask her to leave.

Swaran said that Vikram didn’t ask for many things still she understood them. Kiran asked Swaran to stay at Swaran Ghar like before. Vikram asked Swaran where she would go. Swaran asked him not to worry for that, she and Kanwaljeet would take care of it.

Swaran picked Kanwaljeet’s photograph and said that she is taking some clothes and these photographs along with her, hopefully Vikram won’t mind these. Kiran blamed Swaran for doing overacting and said that she would defame her and Vikram Infront of the neighbors. 

Swaran said that she regret for snatching Nakul and Yug’s rights unknowingly. Kiran asked her not to worry for Nakul. Swaran askd Kiran and Vikram if they had dsent Nakul and Yug away. Bebe said that she would leave with Swaran.

Vikram tried to stop her but she didn’t listen. Nimmo broke Swaran Ghar’s board infront of Swaran and Bebe. Swaran vowed to come back again. Ajit reached Swaran Ghar and enquired of Swaran and Bebe. Vikram and Kiran insulted him.

In the upcoming episode, Swaran and Bebe are travelling along a road. A car quickly approaches them. Swaran leaps to the side and pushes Bebe away to save themselves. Swaran investigates the collision and finds the other driver injured and bleeding.

Will Bebe be alright? Will the car owner survive? Will Swaran take him to hospital? Will Ajit find Swaran and Bebe?

To know stay tuned to Swaran Ghar on ColorsTV/Voot app and this space.