Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th March 2022 Written Update: Mithila and Saksham takes care of an injured Gopika


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The episode starts with Saksham tells Priya that if she thinks that she will let Gopika alone has to clean this then her family is by her side. Priya tells Saksham that when did she told that Gopika has to clean this and asks Gopika to dance on the shredded glasses shocking everyone. Saksham brings Gopika behind him and tells Gopika that she don’t have to agree to Priya’s condition. Priya calls the inspector which leads Gopika to agree to dance shocking the family members. Priya asks her uncle to switch on the music. Gopika goes and starts dancing on the broken glass. Priya and her uncle enjoys the dance meanwhile Modi’s gets worried about Gopika.

Gopika gets hurt and falls but Saksham rescues her from falling on the broken glass. Other side Keshav and Minal sees their blackmailer. Ramila sends them a message asking whether they have the money which she demanded from them or not. They both says that they bought and asks her to reveal her identity so that they will give the money. Ramila takes the pistol shocking Keshav and Minal. Minal tells Keshav that she dont think the pistol is a original one. Ramila worries what will she do if they asks her to pull the trigger. Keshav tells Minal they can’t risk their life for twenty thousand rupees and puts the money on the floor.

Ramila bends down and takes the money. Keshav and Minal notices Ramila’s hair and realises the one who blackmails them is a women. Ramila turns around to leave but Minal stops her and offers her two lakhs saying she will give if she shows them her face. Keshav agrees with Minal. Ramila points the gun at Keshav and Minal to prevent them from getting near her. She then thinks next time she will ask then two lakhs and mocks Minal for thinking like that she will show her face to them. Mithila and Saksham sees Gopika’s bleeding feet and aids the wound. Mithila says that Gopika is going through so much because of them only. The day she get married to Saksham from till day she is suffering and they cant able to do something to stop her suffering.

Gopika tells the family members that she loves them so much so she dont have problem doing all these things. Saksham tells but they have problem with the way she hurts her because of them. Mithila tells that they have to put an end to Priya’s presence in their life very soon. Gopika asks them to wait for few more hours and says everything will be alright. Priya enters the room and taunts Gopika. Mithila gets angry and asks Priya to show some humanity but Priya mocks her too.

Priya sits on the couch near by Gopika’s bed and tells that Mithila brought the humanity topic so she wants to play the humanity word games and asks Ashi is she ready. Ashi tells Priya that she dont want to play any games with her. Priya tells the family members that they should answer her questions. She then asks Ashi that who she loves. Ashi says that Priya loves Saksham making Gopika to close her eyes to control herself. Priya then asks Chirag who Saksham loves. Chirag says that Saksham loves Gopika. Priya asks who is this house legal daughter in law. Ashi says its Priya.

Priya asks Mithila who they are supporting to which Mithila tells they are with Gopika. Priya stands up from her place and tells that because of Gopika only she cant able to get a love from Saksham and family so how come they expect her to show humanity towards Gopika. She then asks them to stop wearing the servant clothes to support Gopika. She further asks them to support her so that she will give a very less pain to Gopika. She also forces them to take a selfie with them. Mithila and Saksham tells Priya that Gopika, belongs to their family. Priya gets angry and tells Gopika will suffer because of them.

Gopika asks Priya to give her some time saying she will convince the family members. Priya tells Gopika that she have time till the next morning if the Modi’s refuses to accept what she told then she will not spare her and leaves the room. Gopika asks both Mithila and Saksham to calm down saying it’s a matter of twenty four hours only. Ramila turns around and gets shocked seeing Subhadra and wonders where from she arrived. Subhadra tells Ramila that she wont let Keshav and Minal hurt her. Ramila points the gun at Subhadra and the latter gets scared and pleads Ramila to not to do anything to her. Ramila points the gun at Keshav and Minal.

Minal tells Ramila that they have given her the money then why she is pointing the gun at them. Subhadra uses the opportunity to get closer to Ramila. Ramila’s gun falls to the ground and both Keshav and Minal Minal realises the pistol is not the original one so they determines to see who the blackmailer is and charges towards Ramila.

Ramila shoves them away and runs from there. Subhadra runs behind her and takes the mask and sees Ramila’s face. Ramila runs from there. Minal asks Subhadra is she know who she is. Subhadra tells that she feels that she knows her well but can’t able to remember anything other than that making Keshav and Minal upset.

The next day Priya comes to the living room and finds Saksham and Chirag is looking at a file and Ashi is busy doing her nails also Mithila is in the temple. She demands them to greet them but they all ignores her which angers Priya so she tells that she will once again humiliate Gopika so that the family members will listen to her and calls out Gopika. Gopika comes there wearing her normal clothes instead of the maid attire. Priya gets shocked and asks Gopika why she is not wearing her clothes. Gopika tells that she can’t able to walk so asks her to come near her so that she can able to reply to her.

Priya goes near her but trips when Ashi puts her feet and Gopika catches her and mocks Priya by asking is she is asking for her forgiveness by touching her feet for all the things she has done with the family. Priya asks what nonsense is she talking and questions her about her clothing choices. Gopika tells theyr deal is for twenty four hours only. Priya tells that their deal is Gopika should be her maid for the rest of her life. Gopika asks her to read the paper properly. Priya brings the paper and gets shocked seeing it returns 24 hours.

Priya wonders how its possible. Gopika tells her what she did to change 24/7 to 24 hours. Priya accuses her for betraying but Saksham mocks her. Gopika asks Priya to leave the house and threatens her. Priya challenges Gopika saying she is not scared of anyone and leaves the place. Ramila decides to call Keshav and Minal to demand more money. Mithila goes to Subhadra’s room and asks her to have the breakfast. Subhadra praises Gopika and asks about her.

Mithila tells that Gopika is cooking for everyone. She then notices the scratches on Subhadra’s hand and questions how did she get hurt. Subhadra gets worried. Saksham praises Gopika but Gopika shares her worry how she cant able to concentrate on her studies because of Priya’s drama. Saksham assures her that he will do something to make her focus on her studies.

Precap: Saksham kneels down infront of Gopika and give her a letter. Gopika gets happy seeing it’s her tenth grade admission pass so she hugs Saksham and thanks him. Saksham tells Gopika that she can peacefully study hereafter and pass the exams. Priya overhears the conversation and determines to make Gopika fails in her tenth grade exam also in her life.

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