Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th October 2021 Written Update:Mithila and Saksham accuses Gopika


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The episode starts with Gopika asks Ashi why did she told her the wrong meaning of that message which she received before marriage because of that only she misunderstand that she is accepted by the Modi’s by who she is if she has told this before then it wouldn’t have happened.

Ashi moves forward and goes nearby the table where the pictures of Gopika’s wedding is and takes one by one all the pictures at the same time she tells Gopika that she dont want to see her being sad also when she read her the real message she was sad so she and Ramila thought it’s better to give you the wrong meaning of that message and once she and Saksham gets married Saksham will accept her.

Gopika says to Ashi that she knows that she must get upset and sad for some time but then she will be realised and they could have avoided all these now she has to leave because of this. She then stops Ashi from leaving and asks her not to do the mistake which she had done that led her to leave the house in a next few days. She also asks Ashi to take care of the family members happiness also the reputation. Ashi nods and leaves the place.

Saksham says to Mr.Takashi that if he agreed to this deal then he will not only be their business partner but also become a part of their family. He then asks Chirag to bring him his pendrive. Chirag goes but Ashi stops him and tells him that Gopika gave her this in which the presentation of Saksham is in it so Chirag goes and gives it to Saksham.

Saksham starts his presentation. Everyone gets shocked when he talks about a jewelry design through projector Gopika’s picture will be shown. Gopika gets worried. Ashi hides her smile. Mr.Takashi says something to his P.A. Then when he explains the beauty of his jewelry design that looks and suitable for both old and young generation Mithila and Gopika’s pictures will be shown. Mithila switches on the light Saksham looks at her confusingly.

Mithila asks him to look at the presentation. Saksham gets shocked. Then he starts apologising to Mr.Takashi but the latters PA tells that in Japan people values their time so much also about the work they put efforts on but here Saksham made them look like a fool and insulted them with his presentation so Mr.Takashi decides not to do this deal with Modi’s. Ashi gets happy.

Gopika gets worried. Kesha tells that mistake happens with everyone so asks them to give them one more chance but they refuses and leaves the place. Everyone asks them to stop it. Gopika comes there with a food plate and asks them to stop it and goes behind them. Mithila and Saksham geys furious and asks Gopika to stop but she doesn’t listen.

Mithila tells that Gopika is the one who did all this now acting like this and asks Saksham to stop her. They all goes outside. Gopika stops Mr.Takashi’s PA and tells her that she wants to talk to him but she refuses saying they are getting late so she goes and stands infront of the car. Mr.Takashi’s PA asks Saksham why his family is humiliating them like this and asks Saksham to make her understand. Saksham asks Gopika to listen to him but she goes nearby the car window and knocks it until Mr.Takashi opens it.

Gopika tells Mr.Takashi that she do understand that he feels that they have insulted him with the presentation and she understands his anger also understands his decision to not to agree to this deal but like Japan in India also they have few tradition and one of them is when a guest comes to the house they have to give them proper food but the kid didn’t eat properly so asks Mr.Takashi to let her feed him.

Mr.Takashi approves it so Gopika gets happy and starts feeding the food to the kid then she gives the plate to the kid and tells him that he is like Lord Krishna who eats in his childhood like this only. She then tells Mr.Takashi earlier that kid doent know how to eat the food but after he learnt now he finished his food it’s all because of he got another chance so asks him to give Saksham another chance and she promises him not to mess up this time.

Mr.Takashi talks to his PA. Gopika enters the house. Mithila asks Gopika is she happy that she humiliated them infront of Mr.Takashi. Gopika tells Mithila that she didnt done anything. Saksham says that he saw her coming to his room and standing nearby his laptop. Mithila asks Gopika she still have the wedding album with her right. Gopika says yes but she further starts explaining Mithila intervenes and says that she doesn’t know that she is not only a liar, manipulative uneducated person but also a person who is cunning enough to ruin the family members reputation to take revenge.

Gopika says to Mithila that she studied till eighth grade only then how could she know how to operate a laptop. Ashi gets worried. Mithila gets shocked and then she turns around. Mr.Takashi’s PA comes there and tells that Mr.Takashi is willing to give one more chance to Saksham and it’s all because of Gopika. She then asks to be ready with the design before tomorrow morning and leaves.

Baa asks Mithila is she still think that Gopika is not a talented brave person and says that because of Saksham’s mistake they almost lost their project but Gopika is the reason they got one more chance. Ashi gets upset. Gopika says to Mithila that Mr.Takashi is a nice person that’s why he gave another chance but Mithila refuses to acknowledge Gopika.

During dinner Saksham asks the designers to make some design but everyone refuses it. Seeing that Mithila asks Saksham what happened to which Saksham says that everyone is not ready to do the design because the time limit is too less. Mithila recalls Ashi winnimg the competition they conducted earlier so asks her to do it. Ashi says okay. Gopika watches everything from far. She then goes to Ashi and asks her why did she lied to Mithila that she is the one who made the design when she is not even know how to do it.

Ashi tells Gopika that no one believe her then manipulates her saying that she has to think about the reputation of family and asks her to make the design and gives it to her. Gopika also gives in. Ashi takes Gopika to the temple inside the house and tells her that she always gets unique idea by sitting infront of God so asks her to start drawing but Mithila comes there and asks Gopika to leave saying it’s a more important project for Saksham and she dont want anything wrong to happen. She then tells Ashi that she will watch her all the time so asks her to make a design. Gopika leaves the place. She then gets a message from Ashi asking her to help her. Gopika thinks how she is going to help. She then sees the peacock feather and gets hopeful so she smiles.

Precap: Mithila cries and says to God that she wanted Gopika by Saksham’s side during this situation but Gopika is not the one she thought who she is. Gopika thinks that she has to prove Mithila that she is apt for Saksham. Saksham angrily asks Gopika what is she doing in his room and says that he would rather bring down his business by himself than ask her help. Gopika gets hurt and then asks God to help her. Mithila opens the door. And a bunch of balloons flies inside the house with a jewelry design paper in it. Gopika sees that and wonders who is Radhika.

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