Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th March 2022 Written Update: Manager asks Gopika to find a new coaching centre


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The episode starts with Gopika goes to pantry and greets the student but they ignores her. Two of the students make fun of her. Gopika asks permission to sit with them to have lunch. She insists that they can have her home made food but they refuses to take it. Two students talk to themselves and insults Gopika when she asks the meaning of OMG and TTYL. They then calls her being an outdated person and asks her to not to ruin their studies. One of the student accuses Gopika for ruining his lunch time too and leaves the place. Everyone leaves the place agreeing with that student.

Gopika sits there worriedly. The student comes and asks Gopika to come with him saying manager is looking for her. Gopika enters the classroom and sees all are waiting there for her. The manager asks Gopika to find some other coaching class saying she is slow to understand which makes the students to worry that they cant able to finish their syllabus on time. Gopika asks the students to give her time and pleads with the students to give her a one chance but the students refuses to listen to her pleas.

The manager tells Gopika to look another coaching class because he can’t afford losing all the students and tells her she have two days time and leaves the place. Priya goes to Gopika and tells her that her studies are over now and smirks. In the house Chirag tells everyone that he is sure the institution will post a poster of Gopika to inspire others after she passes the exams with good grades. They all agrees with him.

Saksham tells that he will go and pick up Gopika in half an hour but gets surprised seeing Gopika is entering the house. They all goes to her but she goes to her room all the while crying without telling anyone the reason behind it. Priya comes there and tells that she become Gopika’s Gopika’s teacher and asked her few questions and she failed to answer it so she gave her punishment which made other students to make fun of her. Gopika in her room recalls everything and cries badly.

Gopika looks at her hall ticket and becomes upset so she throws away. Mithila comes there and takes it in her hand and sits beside her. She then tells that talking about certain things then she will feel easy. Gopika tells that everyone has their own way to go through the pain. Mithila says then they can play a game and calls Saksham. Saksham comes there and gives her a paper and tells her to see the differences between the two photos.

Gopika hesitates but both Saksham and Mithila encourages it. Gopika tells the difference between the two photos. Both Saksham and Mithila praises her. Mithila shows a picture of Gopika’s two photos of her’s and asks her to tell the difference. Gopika looks at her confusedly. Mithila tells that the Gopika she used to be scared of everything but new Gopika is a brave one. Saksham tells that the Gopika she used to be before is weak but now she is not. Mithila tells that Gopika remains silent when someone scolds her but ble she gives them a reply which make the other person to keep their mouth shut.

Saksham tells Gopika is used to be a sita but now when its needed she becomes Geeta. Gopika tells that she used to get scared of dreaming about something but now she will not back away from her dreams. She also adds that she is answer Priya tomorrow by going to the coaching class again. Mithila and Saksham gets happy. Saksham hugs Gopika while Mithila leaves the room. Minal tells Mithila that she is happy Gopika agreed to go to the coaching class again but now she is worried about the blackmailer. Mithila tells that they have no other option but to wait for the blackmailers call.

Ramila in her room eats food and says due to tension she is eating too much it’s not good for her. She then thinks that Subhadra didn’t draw her sketch so she won’t let this opportunity of her’s go away. Minal gets a call from blackmailer. Mithila calms her down. Ramila asks whether the money is arranged or not. Mithila tells they are waiting for her call only and tells that she will offer her five lakhs. Ramila asks the reason to which Mithila says that she dont want her the truth to come out at any cost. She also invites her for lunch but Ramila refuses and asks Mithila to give her the money tomorrow and she will send the location of where they have to meet and cuts the call.

Ramila dances happily and tells that she cant wait to use the money to buy whatever she wants to. Minal asks Mithila why did she offered one more lakh extra to the blackmailer. Mithila tells that she wants to distract the blackmailer by making her greedy and says that the tomorrow the game will be over and looks on.

The next day Gopika enters the classroom and greets everyone. One of the student asks her why she came here again to insult herself also ruin their studies also reminds her about what the manager told. Gopika tells that she do remember but the same Manager gave her two more days so she thought about saying goodbye to them. She then asks their permission to sit with one of the student and the latter agrees.

Priya thinks that she need to go and tell the manager that she is resigning the job because she is sure Gopika must be in the house. She then hears Gopika’s voice so goes and gets shocked seeing her with the students. She then says to herself that she need to inform manager about this and leaves the place. The student ask Gopika to tell her whatever she wants soon. Gopika tells that she know what he said by using ASAP. She asks him a question if his mother or anyone in his family doesn’t understand the meaning of ASAP TTYL OMG BRB etc what he will do. He will ask them to leave the house or teach them. The student says that he will teach them only.

Gopika asks another question to the guy saying what he will do if his mother wants to fulfill her dreams which she cant able to fulfill when she was young. Will he support her or ask her not to try because she is aged. The guy tells that he will support her dreams. Gopika asks other students to take their book and see in which book it says there is a age limit to study. She also asks them wi they stop studying the syllabus because its all two to three years old. Priya tells the manager because of Gopika he may face losses on her way to the classroom with the manager. The manager asks Gopika why she is here and asks her to leave. One of the student says that he want Gopika to study with them because he want to be motivated.

Everyone agrees with that student making Gopika happy and Priya gets shocked. The manager says that he don’t have any problem if the students don’t have anything. Priya tells Gopika that she is going to ask her few questions and if she fails to answer it then she has to leave the class right away. Gopika asks her to ask the questions. She then starts answering all the questions asked by Priya. The students praises Gopika. Priya gets angry and thinks to herself that she will give reply to Gopika for this in the house and smirks.

Precap: Priya mocks Gopika by asking is she scared. Saksham supports Gopika. Priya challenges Gopika saying is she gets more marks than her then she will leave the house also Saksham’s life but if she gets more mark than Gopika then Gopika has to leave the house. Gopika agrees to this challenge.

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