Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th September 2021 Written Update: Mithila scolds Gopika


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The episode starts with Ashi tells Ramila that she dont want to talk to her and because of her now everyone once again started praising Gopika. She tells that she thought her mother will be by her side but no also the one person who worried about her in Modi family is Chirag he is also upset with her. She then asks Ramila what is the need to do all this she perfectly planned everything to take revenge from Gopika but here she ruined her plans.

Ramila asks Ashi to calm down and tells even she wants to Ashi to be everyone’s priority in the Modi family but if today Gopika’s truth comes out that she doesnt know English then Mithila wont spare them for lying to her also Gopika will tell everyone that she is the one who helped her with her speech then Mithila will definitely throw her out. Ashi nods her head understandingly but again asks Ramila when she will get treated properly in the house. Ramila asks Ashi is Chirag loves her.

Ashi tells after reading the speech paper she dont think he will talk to her so she don’t know he will love her or not. Ramila asks Ashi about Minal to which Ashi tells no one shows importance to her. Ramila says to Ashi this is what she wants to make her understand that here Mithila and Saksham’s words given more importance but not others and gives Ashi Saksham’s card and tells that Chirag is using Saksham’s card to shop so they have to be clever to influence everyone and become someone whose words everyone listens. She tells that tomorrow is her and Gopika’s first ritual in kitchen right. Ashi nods her head. Ramila tells that she has to do whatever she is telling her how. Ashi says okay.

Mithila comes to Saksham and asks him why he is here not in his room. Saksham tells Mithila that he is busy. Mithila says to Saksham that why he is still upset with Gopika now that everyone knows Gopika is innocent. Saksham thinks to himself how he will tell Mithila that it’s not about the orders made by Ashi and framed Gopika but about the way Gopika betrayed her and married him. Mithila tells Saksham that he needs to stop being upset over Gopika for the mistake she hadn’t done in the first place and asks him to take rest.

Saksham says okay and gets inside his room. Mithila prays god to shower happiness and peace on her family members. Saksham gets shocked when he sees Gopika is not sleeping in the bed but in the sofa and he recalls his order to sleep her on the sofa. He then sees Gopika is getting tensed during her sleep so he goes near her. Gopika in her sleep asks not to do anything to her family. Ashi decides to make Chirag forgive her first before she influences other family members so she acts like having chilli saying she needs this punishment though she and Gopika was just playing.

Chirag takes the chilli from Ashi’s hand and tells her that he overreacted and asks her to forgive him also gives her a glass of water. Ashi acts and tells Chirag that he forgived her for sure right. Chirag says yes then goes to bring sugar for her. Ashi gets happy thinking her plan worked. Saksham thinks that either Gopika is having a bad dream or nightmare when Gopika once again starts asking not to do anything to her father. Saksham hesitates then put his hand on Gopika’s head. Gopika calms down after some time. Saksham goes to sleep on his bed. He turns around and checks Gopika is having a nightmare or not then goes to sleep.

Gopika wakes up and cleans the temple inside the house and tells that Mithila told her to light up the Diya before the sun rise. She also tells from tomorrow itself she will wake up earlier than today. She then decides to light up Diya while singing a devotional song. Ramila calls Gopika. Gopika gets happy and tells her that she is happy because in her first day while lightning up Diya she called her to Bless her. Ramila asks Gopika where is Ashi to which Gopika tells that they know Ashi wakes up at eleven only.

Ramila asks Gopika to wake up Ashi first. Gopika hesitates looking at the clock but goes to wake up Ashi when Ramila scolds her. Gopika goes and asks Ashi to wake up but Ashi asks her to go away. Ramila reminds Gopika about her promise to take care of Ashi so asks to wake her up. Gopika gets worried when both of them scolds her she grows more worried when she looks at the clock thinking how to lighten up Diya before sun rise. Mithila calls Gopika’s name. Gopika goes downstairs.

Mithila asks Gopika why she didnt lighten up the Diya when she already told her clearly it has to be lighten up before sun rise and they have only twenty minutes left. Gopika apologises and enters the temple to light up the Diya but gets shocked seeing Ashi is there already lighting up. Everyone gets shocked. Minal and Baa gets worried. Mithila scolds Gopika and tells her that she disappointed her and now she is questioning whether she is right for her son or not.

Gopika asks Mithila’s forgiveness but she refuses saying she did wrong with god. Baa advices Mithila that yesterday Gopika lighten up the Diya may be today is meant for Ashi also reminds all the good things that Gopika done for the family and tells Mithila to forgive her. Mithila thanks Baa for making her realise the mistake she is about to makes. She then reminds Ashi and Gopika about the ritual. Baa asks them to make pancakes and Minal asks Aloo puri. Ashi thinks why they are making her do all this. She then asks Mithila they have married two days back only then how could they know what their husbands favorite food.

Mithila asks Gopika and Ashi to ask their husbands. Gopika goes to her room. Saksham in his meeting with his workers. He asks one of his worker to come forward because he cant able to see him properly. Gopika misunderstands and goes forward. Saksham turns around suddenly and Gopika looses her balance and Saksham catch her from falling to the ground. Title song plays in the background. Gopika smiles at Saksham but the latter confusingly looks at her.

Precap: Ashi makes Gopika use the wrong ingredients in the food which she making. She then takes the food and Gopika comes out with a mug of water. Mithila questions Gopika then tells her that she made her upset the second time in a day. Ashi gets happy. Gopika gets sad.

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