Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th January 2022 Written Update: Gopika and Saksham spend romantic moments


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At the beginning of the episode, some people are bringing Priya inside the house in a sack. Mithila stops them and asks who they are and what is in this sack. She is about to check it. Just then Ashi comes there and says that there is potato in it. Mithila asks her why she has ordered so many potatoes. Ashi lies that they were getting cheap so she ordered more. Mithila says fine. Further, they are taking Priya towards the storeroom.

Just then, Chirag tries to help them and the sack falls from their hands. Priya screams. Gopika notices this and wants to check the sack but Ashi says that her leg was twisted so she screams. Gopika says fine. Ashi asks her to go to her room and get ready. Gopika and Saksham leave from there. Here the goons try to cut Tejal and Ramila’s hair. But Tejal calls the police at the right time.

Later, the police reach there and arrest them. The goon threatens Ramila that he will come again to take his revenge. Here Gopika is getting ready. Only then Saksham comes there. She is shocked to see him and asks him to leave from there. But Saksham refuses. Later Both share romantic moments. Then Chirag knocks on the door. Gopika gets scared. Chirag asks Saksham to come out of the bathroom.

Saksham says that he is coming in two minutes. Meenal also comes there and asks Gopika to get ready soon. Gopika says fine. Chirag understands that they are together. Later, when Gopika and Saksham come out of the bathroom, Meenal scolds them and tells them to stay away from each other. Tejal, on the other hand, wants to complain about Ramila to Mithila. Ramila stops her and says that from now on she will listen to her. Tejal says then from today onwards she will be the mother-in-law of this house. Ramila agrees with this.

Here Gopika gets ready in the dress of the bride. Mithila praises her. Gopika thinks about Saksham. Here Saksham gets ready too. Meenal says that he is looking exactly like a prince. She further tells Saksham that the competition is going to happen today and soon they will get to know who will be the winner of this competition. Next Saksham feels nervous. He thinks that he is already married to Gopika then why is he feeling this way.

There Ashi comes to Priya and asks her what is her plan. Priya gives a drug packet to Ashi and wants her to mix it in juice and give it to Gopika. Ashi does the same. She mixes drugs in Gopika’s juice and asks a servant to give it to Gopika. He leaves from there with a glass of juice.

Precap: Gopika faints after drinking juice and Priya sits in the mandap.

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