Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st December 2021 Written Update: Modi’s surprises Gopika


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The episode starts with Priya asks Saksham to promise her that he wont tell anyone that she is Radhika. Saksham promises her. Gopika comes there. Priya sees and says Gopika’s name. Saksham sees his hand is held by Priya so he removes his hand. Gopika goes towards Saksham and Gopika. Saksham decides to explain but Gopika stops him saying that marriage is about trusting their partner so as long as he is not doing anything wrong Priya intervenes and says that Saksham is not doing anything wrong also they were talking about their college days. She also tells that Saksham was drunk and done so many funny things. Saksham also agrees with Priya but Gopika says he don’t have to give her any explanation. She also tells that she is here to take him with her because Mithila is waiting for them. Saksham and Gopika leaves the place. Priya happily dances.

On their way to house Mithila looks at Saksham and Gopika through a mirror in the car. She prays to god to keep both of them happy always saying after puja there is a change in behavior towards both of them and she wishes both of them to be happy like this. Gopika looks at Saksham ans thinks that she wants Saksham to be happy like how he looks now. Saksham thinks that he is excited to meet Radhika who is going to join in his company as chief designer and smiles.

Gopika thinks that tomorrow is her birthday and she wants nothing but Saksham to wish her. The next say Saksham thinks that he can’t wait to work with Priya. Gopika brings tea to Saksham. Saksham tells Gopika that he wants to tell her something. Gopika thinks maybe Saksham is going to wish her and gets happy. Saksham takes his bag and tells Gopika that he has so much work today so he will have his breakfast in the office and leaves the place. Gopika gets upset and wonders whether Saksham knows today is her birthday or not.

Saksham recalls Priya’s confession about her being Radhika. His P.A tells that their client wants to meet him. Saksham tells that he is not in a mood to meet anyone. He then turns around and gets shocked seeing Priya there who again jokes that she is Priyanka Chopra and hugs Saksham. Gopika thinks that if not Saksham then Mithila must be know today is her birthday so she goes to Mithila and tells that she is ready to help her the work she is doing but Mithila asks her to handle the kitchen works so she gets upset thinking that Mithila alsp forget her birthday. She then sees Baa who ignores her. She goes to the kitchen and sees Chirag and Ashi. Chirag tells Gopika that he and Ashi is making breakfast and if she wants anything she can tell them.

Gopika tells she dont want anything and leaves the place thinking that no one knows today is her birthday and gets sad. The client comes inside the office room so Priya pulls away from Saksham. The client tells that he bought jewellery with ten lakhs because he loves their designs the most and he is happy to meet him and his jewellery designer. He also tells they are conducting a part and he and his wife has to come to the party or else he will cancel the order. Saksham gets shocked when he realises the clients misunderstands that he and Priya and Saksham is husband and wife.

Priya gets happy hearing that her name is called as Priya Modi and hides her smile. Keshav and Minal asks Gopika to switch on the music system who does it with sadly. She then gets surprised when the birthday song is being played and everyone comes there. Chirag puts the cake and tells that he made this for her specially. Gopika asks the family members do they remember herbirthday. Eveyone nods their head which makes her happy. She then cuts the cake made by Chirag and feeds it to Minal first who eats it and blesses her. Baa gifts Gopika a saree.

Gopika tells it’s not needed but Mithila says its Baa’s blessings so Gopika accepts it. Gopika then gets a gift from Mithila wwhich is an idol of Lord Krishna. She also gets wishes from Mithila who also blesses her. Saksham tries to tell his client that Priya is not his wife but fails when he refuses to listen to his words. Priya tells the client that she and Saksham will attend the party which makes the client happy so he leaves the place reminding them to attend the party. Saksham gets shocked.

Mithila tells Gopika that she knows Saksham must have wished her. Gopika looks down sadly and tells that he didnt wished her yet. Mithila tells that she will call Saksham and remind him her birthday also scold him for forgetting his wife’s birthday. Gopika asks her not to do this saying he must be forget it due to work pressure. She also tells they are newly wedded so it’s completely okay. Mithila questions Gopika about Saksham’s birthday and when Gopika replied Mithila tells even she is newly wedded but she remembers his birthday.

Gopika again defends Saksham saying that he is doing sso much work for the company to reach the first place so in work pressure he must have forget but she will remind him about her birthday in her style. Mithila praises Gopika for being an understanding person. Ashi gets irked. She calls Minal and tells that Saksham doesn’t like Gopika soo its natural for him to forget her Birthday. Minal leaves the place getting upset. Saksham asks Priya why she agreed to the party when she knows that they aren’t husband and wife. Priya tells that she dont want any loss in her first day of joining in the office also she is going to act as his wife for few hours in the party.

For business he has to lie like this. She further adds Gopika is his real face and that will not change. Saksham looks away. Priya thinks she will soon remove Gopika from him. Gopika packs Saksham his breakfast along with a letter. She asks the worker to give it to Saksham who obliges. Priya sees the worker is putting the breakfast in the table so she opens it and finds the paper in which Gopika told today is her birthday and she wants Saksham to wish her. Saksham comes to the room so Priya eats the food and the paper together. Saksham gets worried.

He then asks her what happened to which Priya tells him that she wants to look best in the party so she needs a dress for that. Saksham asks her not to worry saying he will order a best dress from the best designer and leaves the place. Priya thinks today is Gopika’s birthday but she and Saksham is going to enjoy the party. Gopika waits for Saksham’s calls but when she doesn’t receive a call from him she gets upset and worried.

Precap: Saksham asks his P.A to send the dress to home. Gopika receives a dress and praises its beauty. She gets ready for the party. Saksham tells Priya that he send her the dress half an hour before. Priya gets confused. Gopika reaches the party venue. She then gets shocked seeing Saksham and Priya together. Priya hugs Saksham infront of everyone.

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