Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st March 2022 Written Update: Priya to make a shocking demand to Modi’s


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The episode starts with Gopika asks Priya where is her money. Priya asks what is she saying. Gopika asks her not to act and says that she is the one who told her ten lakh is in the car but where it is it’s nowhere to be found. Priya tells that she is just joking with her. Mithila asks Gopika to not to do this all anymore because its belongs to Priya and tells her that she will give her the money which Priya promised her before. Gopika leaves the place.

Priya acts and apologises to Mithila for putting her in that state. Mithila asks Priya to not to worry saying she knows she didnt done this intentionally. She is just angry at Gopika. She then leaves the place saying that she cant go outside with her like they planned before. Priya agrees and says to herself now she realised there is nothing going between Gopika and Mithila so she is happy and relieved. She further thinks that she hope Mithila doesn’t do anything against her.

Gopika asks Mithila to take proper rest. She also tells that she already told her that Priya will go any extend also the moment she saw her get trapped inside the car struggling for breath she even felt the suffocation and worried how she is going to save her. Mithila tells that she knows about Priya but not even once realised that Priya can go to any extend until today. Gopika hugs Mithila and tells her if anything happened to her then she dont know what will happen to her.

Mithila smiles and asks Gopika to not to worry saying nothing happened to her. She also says that they have to go through all this till tomorrow after that they will have a normal life. Saksham comes there and tells that whatever Priya done is not right and he wont spare her for this. Gopika and Mithila gets shocked. Mithila asks Saksham to leave it but Saksham refuses to listen to her and leaves the place. Gopika tells Mithila that they have to stop Saksham or else their hardworking all this while to trap Priya will get ruined and urges Mithila to follow behind Saksham.

Saksham goes to Priya and asks her how dare she do this to Mithila. Priya acts and says that she doesn’t know how the door gets locked also she went to take the keys and when she returned with the keys only get to know that Mithila is stuck inside the car. Saksham tells Priya that he dont want to listen anything and says that she needs to leave the house and drags her out without listening Priya’s words.

Mithila comes there. Saksham asks Mithila to throw Priya out of the house. Priya thinks to herself that Mithila always wanted this opportunity and she is going to use this in her favor. Mithila brings Priya by her side and put her arms around her saying that Priya is not going anywhere because she is the daughter in law of this house. Priya gets shocked and surprised and looks at Mithila.

Saksham tells Mithila that because of her only she went through all the sufferings to which Mithila tells it it’s not Priya then anyone could have in her place so why blame Priya because anyone can do mistakes and she is sure whatever that happened with her earlier it’s not Priya’s fault and asks Saksham to apologise to her. She also indirectly tells Saksham that tomorrow is big day for them so asks him not to ruin it. Saksham realises it so he apologises to Mithila. Mithila asks Saksham to apologise to Priya. Saksham apologises to Priya saying that she knows well for him Mithila is everything.

Priya tells Saksham that this time she will forgive him but not repeat this again to which Saksham says okay making Priya happy. Priya tells Saksham that she can’t wait for the next day to come so that they can register their marriage and puts her head on Saksham’s shoulder. Saksham thinks to himself that tomorrow is the last day for Priya in their life. Gopika thanks God after seeing everything went right.

In the room Modi’s prepares their dialogues for their next day plan. Saksham reminds Gopika that she is going to act as an officer so asks her not to do any mistake. Gopika mocks at him saying that she knows what she has to do unlike him who almost ruined their plan by reacting that way towards Priya. Saksham calls her cute. He then asks the family members that they memorised their dialogues right. Everyone says yes. Saksham tells they have to rehearse it one more time and asks who is going to act Priya for him. Ashi tells she can. Saksham and Ashi act as Saksham and Priya. Ashi tells the family members that Priya will definitely read the papers. The family members gets worried what to do.

Mithila tells she has a plan and tells she will go with Priya to distract her by asking her pose for the picture while she signs the papers. Everyone gets happy. Gopika tells the family members that they can only hope that Priya act this way only but what we are going to do if this plan does not work on their favor. Saksham tells that they have plan B and asks Chirag to act. Chirag imagines Ashi is by his side and act like that he wants to do registration before his soon to be in law’s caught him and then Keshav and Minal makes an entry and they also act their part. They all gets happy. Gopika and Mithila looks worried. Modi’s questions them. Gopika reminds them that we never know how Priya is going to act so they have to be prepared for everything.

Everyone agrees also decides not to overdo their part of the role. The next day Chirag tells his family members that they have to get ready also reminds them they have to act normal. They all hides their smile when Priya comes down with Saksham byher side all the while chanting she is going to register her marriage. Gopika and Priya bumps into each other. Priya scolds Gopika and then tells that she is too happy so will forgive her. She also tells that her family members are going with her to the register office shocking everyone.

Gopika worries how they all are going to excuse without Priya getting suspicious on them. Priya asks them to come with her and Saksham but they all gives excuses confusing Priya. Gopika tells that the family members planned surprise for her. Priya gets happy and tells that they will party hard later the day and leaves with Saksham. Mithila also joins Saksham and Priya. Gopika tells the family members that she will check up on Subhadra then reach the office on time. She then goes to Subhadra’s room and gets shocked seeing her lying on the floor with blood spilled on the floor due to her head injury.

Precap: Gopika takes Subhatra to the hospital. Chirag wonders why Gopika didnt reached the office on time. Mithila suggests that they can come tomorrow to do the registration but Priya refuses saying they have to do it today itself and asks Saksham to go with her to the famil court. Saksham tells Priya why they need to go to the real court which shocks Mithila. Priya questions Saksham.

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