Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th September 2021 Written Update: Ramila exchanges Modak’s plate of Gopika and Ashi


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The episode starts with Gopika prays to god to help her make Modak then starts making Modak’s. Ashi comes there and says to herself don’t know whether Ramila will help her or not. She then looks at Gopika who is making Modak’s so she goes to her and apologises to her saying that she never cooked so she doesn’t know the difference between Chile and Hash Brown. She also says to Gopika that she thought she is helping her to make Chile that’s why she took it and served it to everyone. She must be feeling very bad.

Gopika says to Ashi that she felt bad for what she did to her. Ashi acts like she is hurt by Gopika’s words and asks her that she dont want to help her sister. Is she feeling bad for helping her. Gopika tells Ashi that she is happy to help her but not like this but she is happy that everyone is happy having the Chile made by her.

Ashi tells Gopika that she will help her making Modak and tries to take the plate of Modak’s from Gopika but Gopika stops her and tells that Mithila told the person one who made the prasad is the one who has to give it to the priest themselves also she has to make her Modak too which she hadn’t started making it so she will take care of all this and takes the plate from Ashi’s hand. Ashi forces a smile and leaves the place.

Ramila calls Hiten and asks him to buy Modak’s and meet her in Modi Bhawan. She then tells that to help Ashi now she needs to go to Modi Bhawan. Thejal comes to the market to meet the VJ. She finds him and confronts him why he is talking about her in such way. She also tells him that because of her only he is getting likes and gaining followers. The VJ mocks her and goes to talk to someone on the call. Thejal sees him standing nearby the scooter so she pushes the scooter away thinking it’s his but Hiten comes there and asks Thejal what she did also talks about how much money he needs to spend to repair it.

The VJ gives Hiten some money and asks him to get remaining money from Thejal and shows her the car which is his and leaves the place. Ramila waits for Hiten who comes there and gives a packet and starts talking about the damage his scooter has been faced. Ramila asks Hiten to go to the house she will come after putting this prasad to God and leaves the place. Hiten gets confused but goes to his house.

Ramila enters the Modi Bhawan. Mithila stops Ramila and asks her what is she doing here. Minal greets Ramila. Ramila tells that this is her first Ganesh Chaturthi without her daughters she missed them a lot so she came here to see them. She also apologises to them for coming here without telling anyone. Minal tells Ramila it’s her daughter’s house and they are relatives so she can come whenever she wants. Mithila tells that’s wrong because this is Ramila’s daughter’s in law’s house and she shouldn’t come here without prior notice. Ramila apologises to Mithila.

Mithila tells Ramila that she came here already so she can go and visit her daughter Ashi saying she and Gopika is in the kitchen. Ramila nods and goes towards the kitchen. Mithila sees the parcel in Ramila’s hand which she is hiding it under her sarees pallu so she asks Ramila to stop and asks what she is hiding. Ramila gets scared then she shows the parcel and tells that she wont eat in her daughter’s in laws house so she bought food for her from outside.

Mithila tells Ramila that finally she understands so she is glad. She then tells Ramila to not to disturb Gopika as she is busy making her Modak’s and she can talk and do whatever she want with her daughter. Ramila nods and leaves. Ashi gets worried but seeing Ramila she gets happy. Ramila gives her the parcel. Ashi questions how Mithila didn’t noticed it.

Ramila tells Ashi that she fooled Mithila then asks Ashi to arrange her plate with Modak’s. Ashi opens the parcel then gets shocked seeing its Momo’s not Modak. Ramila looks at Gopika’s Modak but Ashi tells that she tried but Gopika is not even letting her touch so there is no use. Ramila asks Ashi to wait saying that she will do something by which Ashi get good name also Gopika truth about her educatiom won’t come out.

Modi’s come to the living area for puja. Saksham and Chirag brings the Ganesh idol to the house. Everyone looks happy. They both puts the idol inside the temple. Mithila asks Gopika and Ashi to bring their Modak’s. Gopika and Ashi obliges and goes inside. Gopika comes with a plate filled with Modak and puts in the table nearby Ramila. Ramila gets happy when she sees it’s a rolling table so when Ashi comes there Ramila asks her not to worry she will exchange it. Mithila comes to check Ashi’s Modak but Ramila diverts her by asking Priest they are getting late for puja right.

Priest says yes and calls Mithila who looks at Ashi and Ramila and leaves. Saksham and Gopika does the aarti. Gopika gets sad when she realises Saksham is not paying any attention so she goes and stand nearby the Modak’s she made. Ashi and Chirag does the puja. Gopika closes her eyes that Ramila changes the plates. Ashi gets happy. Mithila asks Gopika to give the prasad made by her but Ashi takes the plate in her hand and tries to give it to Priest but Mithila stops and tells Gopika is their first daughter in law so she is the one who has to submit it first and asks Gopika to give the Modak’s plate to Priest. Gopika agrees and gives it to Priest but she gets shocked seeing the coriander leaf in the Modak and wonders how its possible. Ramila and Ashi gets worried and looks at each other.

Precap: Ashi and Ramila goes to Gopika’s room. Ramila threatens Gopika to burn the saree which Saksham chose for her and asks her to tell everyone that she is the one who made the Modak. Gopika first refuses then seeing Ramila is about to burn the saree she agrees. Mithila tells Gopika that she has full faith that Gopika won’t lie infront of god and asks Gopika to swear on God that she is the one who made the Momo’s or not. Gopika gets worried and looks at Ramila who signs at her to lie.

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