Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st February 2022 Written Update: Priya gets a warning from Subhadra


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The episode starts with Mithila asks Saksham and Gopika to swear on her and tell the truth. Both Gopika and Saksham looks at each other. Saksham asks Mithila to stop it. He tells that Gopika don’t want the money. She wants to save them all. Minal asks what they are saying. Gopika tells how she convinced Saksham to trap Priya so that they both together can defeat her. Saksham tells that they both hide it from the family because they don’t want to ruin this plan.

Gopika asks Mithila to apologise saying her intentions is not to hurt anyone. Saksham also apologises to Mithila. Mithila hugs both Saksham and Gopika and tells there is no need both of them to apologise to her because they didn’t done anything wrong. Minal apologises to Gopika for misunderstanding her and taken Priya’s side saying she thought Saksham is happy with Priya and accepted her. Gopika asks Minal to not to apologise to her and hugs her. Ramila asks the advocate about the divorce paper of Hiten and Tejal. She gets happy seeing the divorce paper.

After the advocate leaves she tells that she can’t wait to make both Hiten and Tejal sign the divorce paper after that she will meet Kiara and make her as her daughter in law. Through Kiara she will get a chance to wear diamond jewelry. Hiten comes there and asks Ramila what is she saying. Ramila gives the divorce papers to Hiten who gets shocked and tells that this isn’t right. Ramila orders Hiten to arrange a meeting with Kiara. In Modi’s house Chirag reveals he and Ashi know about Saksham and Gopika’s plan but they remained silent because they dont want to ruin the plan. He and Ashi also apologises to Gopika.Keshav apologises to Gopika for his behavior towards her.

Gopika tells Keshav that he is Saksham’s father who wants nothing but his family to be happy and she wants the same too so she completely understands why he did whatever he did. Mithila asks Gopika how they are going to trap Priya to which Gopika tells the way Priya fooled her and Saksham and made them sign the divorce paper also the way she get the fifty one percent of the property by fooling them the same way they are also going to take back their property also make her sign the divorce papers. Mithila tells now the entire family is with them so they will get succeed on this plan. They all joins hand together and smiles. Subhadra overhears the conversation of Modi’s and looks on.

Priya in her room searches for dresses for her registration marriage. She tells that she is forced to wear the out fashioned dress the day she get married to Saksham so that people can’t differentiate her. But now she will wear the latest designer dress. Subhadra comes to Priya’s room. Priya calls her psycho and asks her not to do anything. Subhadra tells Priya that they all are trying to fool her just the way they trapped her before and not to fall in to their trap. Priya asks who it is. Subhadra tells them and leaves the place.

Priya gets confused. Ashi overhears the conversation and wonders whose side she needs to take. She then tells that Chirag is right that Priya is a snake then leaves the place. Mithila asks Gopika what’s their next plan. Ashi tells the family members that Subhadra revealed their plan to Priya shocking everyone. Gopika tells that Priya is smart and if she learns about their plan they can’t do anything and they have to find a way to come out of this situation. Priya in her room gets angry and tells the family members are trying to fool her which she need to confront and leaves the room. Ashi tells Subhadra don’t even remember anything about her life but she ruined their plan.

Both Gopika and Mithila gets an idea and smiles at each other and says everyone they have a plan. Hiten calls Kiara and tells that he wants to meet her. Kiara tells him that she cant. Hiten asks her about the promise she made to him that she will be there for him always and questions is she meant to be through him over a call. Tejal says yes. Hiten tells that he can’t do this also he wants to meet her if she dont agrees then he will kill himself by throwing himself on a passing vehicle or something. Tejal gets worried and asks her colleague’s advice who tells her to meet Raj because if he dies then their boss learnt this then she will lose her job. She further adds what if Raj written her name in the paper before he dies scaring Tejal.

Tejal one last time asks Hiten that they can continue this over a call. Hiten refuses and tells that he will drink poison. Tejal asks him to calm down and tells she will meet him that too only for five minutes also tells from far away they can meet each other. Hiten tells that he will bring his mother with him which will make her feel safe around him also asks her to wear a black dress so that he can able to recognize her.

Priya is on her way to confront Modi’s but stops in her track when she hears Saksham is telling Mithila about Subhadra’s attack also her behavior towards him. Mithila tells the family members that Subhadra called her a snake. Minal acts and tells that Subhadra called her as her grandmother. Chirag tells that Subhadra called him as her husband. Ashi tells that Subhadra called her as a vamp. Gopika asks the family members to not to take the words of Subhadra to heart. Saksham asks Gopika to not to interfere in their family matters. Keshav acts and tells that they will pray to God for Subhadra’s speedy recovery. Priya thinks that she was going to fool herself by believing Subhadra’s words. Ashi tells they all can go and have breakfast now.

Saksham acts surprised seeing Priya and asks her to have breakfast with eveyone. Saksham thumbs up at Gopika but Priya turns around and wonders whether Gopika is making fun of her or showing thumbs up to Saksham. Saksham asks Priya to come with him. Priya stops him and asks him to fill her hairline with vermilion shocking Gopika and the family members. Saksham tells Priya that he accepted her as his wife so why she is demanding such things. Priya tells that’s what she is also saying when he accosted her as his wife then why he is not filling her hairline and questions is there any other reason behind it and looks at Gopika. Gopika looks away. Saksham gives in and apologises to Gopika in his heart and takes the vermilion in his hand.

Gopika stands and looks away. He then acts like filling her hairline with vermilion. Priya gets happy. Priya decides to take a selfie unaware that Saksham didn’t filled her hairline with vermilion but Saksham stops and tells her that he promised himself until their problem gets over he will not take selfie. Priya decides to look at herself in the mirror but Minal stops and tells that she promised to not to look at themselves in the mirror for a week. Priya gets confused but decides to accept it and leaves the place. Gopika tells that Priya will definitely goes to her room and see herself in the mirror. Before she learns that Saksham didn’t filled her hairline with vermilion they needs to stop her and tells she has a plan and looks on.

Precap: Priya’s mama ji orders Gopika to bring him a glass of juice. Gopika tells him that she is not a servant. Priya writes a cheque with fifty thousand and asks Gopika to do what Mama Ji asked her to or else she will think that Gopika is not here for alumni but to fool her.

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