Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Saksham gets upset with Modi’s


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The episode starts with Ashi stops Priya and asks Priya where she is going. Priya jokes at her that she is going to buy a star. Gopika in the kitchen tells Mithila and Minal that they dont have much time because Ashi can’t stop Priya for a long time and urges them to do their work fast. Ashi stops Priya and tells that they both are girls so she want to talk about the dress which she is going to buy for her marriage registration. Priya gets annoyed and tells that she is going to wear black dress. She then asks Ashi to leave her room to let her go inside.

Minal leaves the kitchen with a aarti in her hand. She goes to Priya and makes Priya surrounded by a smoke saying they have to do all this to make the evil things leave their house and makes Priya is surrounded by smoke. Priya coughs and asks Minal to do it fast. Gopika comes there and fills Priya’s hairline with vermilion and leaves the place. Minal acts and asks Priya to go to her room. Priya goes inside and gets happy seeing her hairline is filled with vermilion. She takes selfie and tells that no one can fool her. Subhadra comes there and warns her not to fall into the trap and leaves the room. Priya gets confused.

Later, when they all sits in the breakfast table Gopika comes there. Saksham looks at her and touches her feet with his. Gopika gets tensed when Priya is watching her so she coughs. Saksham realises Priya is looking at them so he taunts Gopika saying that he surprised to see the one who suffocating others are also going through the same. Gopika mocks at him. Priya warns Gopika to not to cross the line. Gopika asks Priya to not to fly too high because Saksham fulfilled her wishes. She may not able to let her marriage registration happen. Minal stands up and says even she is going to see how Gopika will stop this registration. Ashi also acts and says that they are going to throw Gopika out.

Chirag acts and tells that hereafter Priya is going to be is sister in law. Keshav acts and asks Mithila to decide. Mithila acts and tells from here after she is going to accept Priya as her daughter in law. Saksham and Gopika gets worried that Priya may get suspicious of their acting. Priya gets up and tells Gopika that the family is by her side so she will throw her out for sure and leaves the place.

Chirag tells that he should make his profession as acting. Minal tells that she will get a chance in serial to act as mother in law. Saksham gets angry and lashes out at them. They all gets shocked. Gopika tells them that they can’t risk Priya knowing about their plan at this stage so asks them not to overdo their acting. Mithila apologises and tells that they will hereafter look into this matter.

Gopika is busy preparing her bed. Saksham comes inside the room. He acts and asks Gopika how come she marry someone else. Gopika gets confused and asks what is he saying. Saksham tells that she filled Priya’s hairline. Gopika smiles and jokes that she will bring vermilion box and he can fill Priya’s hairline but Saksham stops her and they both falls into the bed. Saksham gets romantic but Gopika stops him saying they have to concentrate on their plan. She also asks him when the fake registration is going to happen. Saksham tells that they need to be more careful and rehearse it so many times so that Priya wont get doubtful. Gopika agrees.

Ashi goes to Mithila’s room thinking that she should ask her for a jewellery to wear eventhough it’s a fake marriage registration. She finds Mithila is not there so she starts searching for her. Minal stops Mithila and tells her that they should stop Subhadra from revealing the truth to Priya and asks Mithila to do something that will not ruin their plan. Mithila decides to leave but Minal stops her and takes her inside the room. They both gets shocked seeing the sketch of a men pointing a gun at another men which is filled in the room. Minal gets worried and tells that Subhadra sketched all this and they have to remove it before someone else see this.

Mithila helps Minal by removing the sketches on Subhadra’s room. Minal indirectly asks Mithila to stop treating Subhadra but Mithila stops her and tells her that she will never stoop that low. Ashi comes to the room and asks them what they are doing. Mithila scolds Ashi and asks her to do some work instead of questioning others. Ashi thinks when she do something wrong she gets the scolding but now she has not done anything yet Mithila is scolding her which means both Mithila and Minal is hiding something from them which she needs to find it and leaves the place.

Priya’s uncle enters the house along with few men. He urges them to take the things that is in the living room and kitchen. He passes one by one. Priya comes there and scolds her uncle for stealing things from her house to which her uncle asks her to let him take what he wants. Priya agrees and asks him to take the things fast. Gopika gets shocked seeing Priya’s uncle is stealing things so she asks from upstairs what they are doing shocking Priya and her uncle. She comes down but before she approaches Priya’s uncle Priya comes there and tells that it’s her house and her uncle can do anything.

Priya’s uncle orders Gopika to bring him and his men a juice. Gopika warns Priya’s uncle. Priya writes a cheque with of fifty thousand on Gopika’s name and asks her to bring juice for eveyone and if she refuses to do it then she may think that is acting all this while asking for alumni money. Gopika smiles and tells Priya that she is getting paid for giving juice and takes the cheque from Priya’s hand and leaves the place. Ramila waits for Hiten. Hiten comes there and tells Ramila that he bought a bottle of perfume and smelling his perfume Kiara will fall for him.

Ramila asks Hiten why he is not wearing red shirt which he told Kiara that he will wear it. Hiten tells that red shirt is not good but he will use the shawl to make Kiara recognize him and ties the shawl around his neck. Ramila thinks now they dont have much time so agrees with Hiten’s idea and decides to leave. They both gets shocked when they see Tejal is coming out of her room wearing black dress. Hiten shares his worry but Ramila says that Tejal has a black heart so she is wearing that dress and takes Hiten with him. Tejal jokes that they both are going to take part in circus. In Modi house Gopika serves Priya’s uncle with a juice filled with chilli powder.

Priya gets angry and asks how dare she put her uncle’s life in danger. Gopika smiles at her. The Modi’s comes to the living room. Gopika mocks at Priya and her uncle. From her uncle’s pocket the spoon which he has stolen falls to the ground shocking the family members. Gopika smirks at Priya who looks embarrassed.

Precap: Priya asks Gopika how dare she call herself and her uncle as a thief being under her roof also trying to get close her husband. She also says that she needs to get slapped for all the things she is doing with her and raises her hand. Mithila slaps Priya shocking everyone.

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