Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th March 2022 Written Update: Supervisor taunts Gopika


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The episode starts with Priya tells as per exam rules after exam starts until fifteen minutes students are allowed but not after that and Gopika can’t able to give the exam and gets happy. Gopika tells the supervisor that with so much difficulty she is here to give this exam so pleads her to allow her give this exam. Supervisor taunts Gopika saying if she felt this is important then she should have reached the exam hall on time and now there is no use and asks her to leave. Saksham pleads the supervisor to let Gopika give her exam.

Gopika gets sad and starts walking away from the exam hall. Saksham follows her to stop but he stop following when he hears the Supervisor is talking to her son on the call and he gets an idea and calls Chirag. He calls Chirag as his son and tells that how Gopika can’t able to give exam. Gopika and Chirag gets confused and shocked. Saksham tells Chirag to not to cry or blame himself for his mother can’t able to give exam because he has to go to school on time. Chirag understands and asks Saksham to act in a way that will convince the supervisor.

The Supervisor hears Saksham’s phone call and calls him and tells that she understands the difficulty of a women who has to do work in her house also goes for work. She then calls Gopika and asks her to give her exam. Gopika gets happy and goes inside to give her exam. The Supervisor asks Saksham to give his son Chirag a kiss from her side. Saksham comes to Chirag and troubles him. He then tells Chirag that they shouldn’t leave Priya just like this because she is troubling Gopika a lot so they have to do something to prevent Priya. Chirag agrees with him. In Modi’s house Minal shows the sketch to Keshav and the latter gets shocked and tells that he can’t believe Ramila could stoop this low and blackmail them.

Minal tells that she is their family yet she did to them so she is not going to spare her for this. She tells Keshav that she is going to confront Ramila over a phone call but Keshav suggests that they should go to Ramila’s house directly and they both decides to leave but Mithila stops them. Mithila tells in anger if they take any decision that will not give them a solution. She also tells that they are still not sure that Ramila is a blackmailer because they don’t have proof. They can’t consider this sketch alone a proof because there is a chance Subhadra might have drew this because she met Ramila and recalls she is a blackmailer or she just draw a sketch the continuation of the half made sketch. They have to be so sure about it so that its easy for them.

Minal tells Mithila that she dont understand what she is saying. Mithila asks Minal and Keshav do they forget that Ramila is mother in law of their daugher Tejal and Ashi is Ramila’s daughter as well as Chirag’s wife. If they accuses Ramila without get to know the depth of the truth then the ties between the two family will broke. Minal asks Mithila then how to find the blackmailer. Mithila tells that the blackmailer is a greedy person so she will call them asking more money for sure that time they have to catch the blackmailer.

Ramila waits for the things which she ordered. She gets shocked learning that the orders are with five lakhs. She tells that she spent all the money but she needs more money to fulfill her dreams. She thinks that she can able to threaten the Modi’s for more money but gets worried thinking that she might get caught and wonders whether to call the Modi’s asking for more money or not.

In Modi’s house Mithila and Saksham-Gopika enters Priya’s room. Priya looks at them and thinks to herself they all looks angry which means Gopika failed to give her exam and gets happy. She thinks that she is ready to go through their anger because her plan worked on her favor. Priya goes to Gopika and mocks her for failing to give exam also failed in the challenge. Gopika tells Priya that she gave her exam but she failed to give answers to all the questions because she reached the exam centre late. Priya gets happy. Gopika tells that for her her giving exam is more important so asks her to stop troubling.

Mithila and Saksham also tells her that they feel bad for mistreating Priya. Priya questions them about their sudden change in behavior. Mithila calls Ashi who brings fresh towel and room spray. She sprays the room and apologises to Priya. Chirag comes there and few workers come and locks the window of Priya’s room. Priya gets shocked. Saksham tells Priya that he dont want her to suffer the way she did before because of honeybees.

Mithila asks Priya to sit on her bed. They also tells her to take rest and she will have her own servant who will take care of her every needs. Minal brings induction stove and Keshav brings all the cooking items and they all asks her to cook food and have it freshly whenever she feels. Priya tells them that by doing this if they think that she will forgive them then they are wrong.

Modi’s leaves the room one by one and Mithila takes Priya’s room and comes out of the room. Saksham and Gopika locks Priya inside. Gopika tells Priya that she reached the exam centre on time. Priya gets angry and asks Gopika to open the door but Gopika refuses saying they won’t open the door until her exams are over and leaves the place with Modi’s. Priya screams for help. She then starts throwing her clothes all over the room the rearrange it in her wardrobe. She then applies make up and wipes it and when the time hits eleven she falls asleep.

The next day she wake up and decides to stop Gopika from going to exam but realises that the door is locked so she decides to cook something for her. Gopika comes there and tells Priya that she is going to give her exam. Gopika gives her exam meanwhile Priya in her room puts her clothes on a rope to dry it. Ramila calls as a blackmailer and demands money from Mithila also Keshav and Minal. She scolds herself for greeting them which may lead them to grow suspicious. Mithila mocks at Ramila for asking little money now and then so Ramila demads ten lakhs from them and cuts the call. Mithila tells that they will find is Ramila is a blackmailer or its someone else and looks on.

Precap: Subhadra draw a sketch of Gopika as a kid with her father. Gopika questions Subhadra to which the latter says whenever she imagines her as a kid this is the image she recalls it. Other side Ramila tells Mithila and Minal that Subhadra is none other than Gopika’s mother shocking Mithila and Minal.

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