Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th February 2022 Written Update: Priya questions Gopika


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The episode starts with Priya comes to the registration office. Modi’s sees and gets shocked. Priya starts walking towards the office worrying the Modi’s. Priya enters the office and wanders here and there. She goes nearby a shelf behind that Minal and Keshav were hide. They both looks scared. Saksham keeps an eye on Priya from his hiding place. Ashi looks worried. Mithila tells because of Priya she hurt her leg.

Ashi thinks is Mithila think that she needs to take care of her in this situation and forces a smile and asks her to take care of her. Saksham asks Gopika to leave but before that Priya goes near where they both are hiding so they both hides themselves. Priya leaves the place. Gopika urges Saksham to sent a message to his friend. Saksham says okay and takes his mobile out. Priya once again goes near a cupboard where Saksham and Gopika is hiding. Before she sees them the theater artist comes there and asks Priya what is she doing.

Priya tells that she is wandering here for a while so where was he all this while. Saksham’s friend gets worried. Saksham tells that his friend need to tell Priya renovation work is going on and make her leave. Priya asks it’s a registration office right. The theater artist says it was an animal hospital. Priya gets shocked. Saksham and family members also gets shocked. The theatre artist tells Priya that he is just joking. Priya says okay. She then asks him why there is no one working today. He tells it’s a holiday making Priya to question him for what reason saying its neither a public holiday nor a Sunday. The theatre gets worried what to say.

Saksham types a message to his friend asking him to tell Priya renovation work is going on that’s why. The theatre artist says to Priya that the judges relative died that’s why. Priya says to herself thank god its not a the judge or else what will happen to her marriage registration. Chirag mocks Saksham saying that his friend is doing an awesome job at acting. Saksham scolds him and thinks to find a way to get out from this place. Priya senses some odd smell so she questions but the theater artist says there’s no such smell he is feeling. A dog gets inside the room shocking Priya and the theatre artist.

Priya asks what’s happening here also why the dog is here. Saksham and the family members gets shocked and worried. The theatre artist tells that the dog is close to one of the employee here who used to give him milk and bread also he is sweet. The dog starts sniffing at where Ashi and Mithila is hiding. They both gets worried and scared. Priya questions the theatre artist why the dog is sniffing at the cupboard whats in it but the theatre artist is busy in his mobile so Priya moves towards where the dog is. He stops Priya and asks to stay away from the dog saying it’s a dangerous one. Priya questions that he is the one who told her it’s a sweet dog. He tells it was not now. He then makes the dog leave the place.

Priya finds the script and asks why script is here shocking the Modi’s. She demands answer from the theatre artist who looks baffled. He then makes Priya sit on a chair saying there is a wedding took place of a film star so they might have bring it here. Priya asks the film star name to which the theatre artist tells its Salman Khan. Priya asks him why did Salman is going to come all the way here to register his marriage also she didn’t hear anything about Salman marriage related news.

The theatre artist tells that it’s a private ceremony so he decides to do his registration here because in Mumbai the media won’t spare him. He also asks Priya to not to tell anyone about this or else he will lose his job. Priya agrees. She then asks him to show her a registration file. He gets shocked and so the Modi’s. He starts typing message for Saksham. Saksham finds his mobile is switch off so he tells Gopika that they have to find a way to leave this place before Priya sees them. He then leaves the place using a back door. Priya asks the theatre artist what is he doing in his mobile. He tells that he is doing nothing but when Priya snatches the mobile from him he tells he is chatting with his girlfriend but Priya refuses to believe it and starts looking his mobile. All of sudden smoke fills the place.

Priya coughs which makes the theatre artist to take the phone from her. Saksham disguises himself and asks Priya to leave the place so that he can continue his work. Priya agrees and goes towards the exit meanwhile the Modi’s one by one reaches the back door. While Gopika is going towards the back door Priya turns around and gets shocked seeing someone. She goes to see who it is but Saksham stops her which makes Priya to leave the place. Priya in her car thinks that she saw someone and realises its Gopika so she wonders what is Gopika doing here. Mithila urges everyone to get into the car. Gopika stops when she receives a call from Priya who asks her where is she and tells that she got to know through Jumki she went to Ramila’s house so she is on her way to meet her.

Gopika tells she returned from her house and in Modi’s house which makes Priya to cut the call and go find Gopika is truly in Modi’s house or not. Saksham asks Gopika Priya Priya believed her or not to which Gopika tells if she is Priya then she will believe only after seeing Gopika in Modi’s house. Mithila tells that they have to reach the house before Priya.

In the hospital Tejal brings food to Ramila. Ramila looks at her which makes Tejal to question her why she is looking at her like this and tells her she made the food didn’t bought in a hotel. Ramila asks Tejal why did she spent her money for her hospital feel instead of spending it on her by buying things and makes up products as per her wish. Tejal tells that if she does that then she can’t able to annoy Ramila making Ramila and Hiten laugh. Ramila asks her to hug her before she turns into an old Ramila who scolds her and behaves with her rudely. Tejal tells that the stitches are still there and asks her to take rest until it heals. Hiten asks Ramila to have the food made by Tejal which leads Ramila to joke that she may die after eating the food.

Hiten and Tejal put their head on Ramila’s shoulder happily. Ramila also holds them happily. Priya comes to the Modi’s house and calls Gopika. She also searches for Gopika in the kitchen then in the bedroom and when she finds no one she says then its Gopika who she saw in the office and turns around but gets stopped when Gopika comes there with a towel around her head looking like freshly showered. She questions Priya about her constant questions and tells that she will leave the house after she gets the money and she is not bothered by her register marriage. Priya leaves the room. Gopika goes to see Mithila and finds her suffering from leg pain so she starts taking care of her. Mithila praises Gopika to which Gopika tells that with the help of God’s blessing tomorrow they will win this battle against Priya making Mithila emotional.

Priya gets happy thinking everything fall in its place recalling the support she get from the Modi’s but stops when she recalls Mithila’s slap and wonders why she has this feeling that she is missing something here and walks past Mithila’s room but stops hearing Gopika’s voice so she goes and sees Gopika is taking care of Mithila and gets shocked. While wiping a tear Mithila sees Priya at her door step and gets shocked.

Precap: Priya makes Mithila sit in the car and locks it. She smirks and tells the car will open using the key which is with her. Gopika in her room thinks that Priya must be doubting when she saw her with Mithila. She then sees Mithila inside the car and struggling to breath. She worries how to make Mithila leave the car when she sees there is allergic thing spilled inside the car. Priya sees Mithila and Gopika from far.

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