Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th October 2021 Written Update: Saksham apologises to Joshi’s on behalf of Gopika


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The episode starts with Gopika sees Vijay is threatening Thejal so she goes inside the room and asks Vijay what is he doing with Thejal. Thejal asks Gopika what is she doing here. Is she spying them. Gopika tells no but she is here to apologises to her but when she saw him threatening her she can’t able to stop herself from entering the room. She then asks Vijay what is he doing to Thejal why she is harassing her like this.

Thejal defends Vijay’s action saying that her soon to be husband don’t want to see someone else see her profile that’s why he asked her to delete it and what is wrong in that. She also insults Gopika saying there is nothing wrong in this also it happened often between the people those who love one another which she won’t understand because Saksham not even let her sleep in his room.

Gopika gets hurt but tells Thejal that Saksham may not let her sleep in his room but he never hurt her like Vijay does to her. Vijay asks Gopika what is her problem and why she is interfering in their life and asks to stay away from him and Thejal. Gopika tells that Thejal is a part of the family and she won’t let anything bad happen to her. She then pleads Thejal to tell everyone the truth saying Vijay is not good for her. Vijay takes Gopika out of the room and locks Thejal inside. Gopika gets shocked.

Vijay tells Gopika that he is going to become Thejal’s husband and he will do whatever he wants and asks her to stay away from them or else she is the one who will suffer. He then touches Gopika’s feet and thanks her for forgiving him. Gopika gets confused. Vijay asks Minal what is she doing here. Gopika understands Vijay’s sudden change in behavior.

Minal tells that she is happy that they both sorted out their differences and asks Vijay to bring Thejal down and asks Gopika to come downstairs too. Vijay goes to Thejal’s room. Gopika thinks what happened why Thejal wanted to marry Vijay even after all this behavior of Vijay which she is well aware about.

Ashi sees Ramila and Hiten. She happily greets them. Hiten goes somewhere. Ashi tells Ramila that she did as per her instructions and all she wants is Gopika to mess up so that it will be easier for them to turn Minal against Mithila. Ramila asks where is Gopika. Gopika comes downstairs and looks worried. Seeing Gopika’s worried face Ramila asks Ashi to not to worry saying she herself will do something or already done something to create more trouble to the Modi’s.

Chirag announces Thejal and Vivaan’s entry. They both comes downstairs. Mithila asks Gopika to come and stand beside them. Gopika obliges. The priest tells its the time to exchange rings. Vivaan’s family member tells as oper their tradition bride’s brother and sister in law has to give the rings to bride and groom. Everyone gets uncomfortable. Minal asks Saksham-Gopika and Chirag-ashi togive Vivaan and Thejal tje rings. Saksham takes the ring in his hand and gives it to Thejal.

Vivaan takes Thejal’s hand to put the ring on her finger but she feels pain and makes faces. Gopika calls Thejal’s name she then stops herself thinking Mithila’s warning to not to mess up Thejal’s engagement. She then goes and asks Thejal to tell everyone the truth. Everyone gets confused. Mithila asks Gopika which truth she is talking about. Gopika tells everyone that Vijay and Thejal had a fight and Vijay hurt her. Everyone gets shocked. Mithila’s asks Thejal that whatever Gopika saying is true or not.

Thejal refuses saying that they had small argument which happens between couples often. She then tells Minal that Gopika embarrased her infront of her in laws that’s why she told that they should not allowed Gopika here. Gopika tells that she had seen with her eyes that Thejal get hurt by Vijay and asks her why she is lying and her family is with her so what is she scared about. Thejal asks Gopika to not to say anything against Vijay and tells that she didn’t get hurt. She also shows her hand to everyone and recalls how she applied cream to hide her wound.

Mithila asks Gopika what is she doing. Gopika tells Mithila that she is not lying she saw Vivaan hurting Thejal. Mithila asks Thejal to tell the truth. Thejal tells that Gopika is lying. Mithila takes Thejal’s hand and removes the cream and gets shocked seeing the marks. Everyone gets shocked. Mithila asks Thejal to tell the truth that Vijay hurt her or not..

Thejal tells that she get hurt by the iron box and Vijay applied her ointments but Gopika unnecessarily creating this as an issue also insults her. Vivaan’s mother asks why they are accusing her son like this and tells if they are Modi’s it doesn’t mean they can accuses however they want. Saksham apologises to them for Gopika’s behavior to which Vijay insults Gopika buy saying they are aware about Gopika but he is pitying him because his life got ruined.

Mithila stops Vijay from saying anything further. Vivaan’s mother tells that they will cancel the engagement if Gopika is here so Saksham takes Gopika out. Gopika watches that Vivaan and Thejal is exchanging the rings. Mithila and Baa also looks not pleased. Gopika goes behind Saksham and asks him to believe her but Saksham insults her and tells that he is scared of her because she is always doing something to humiliate her family and asks her to stay away from his family and leaves the place.

Ramila goes to Minal with Ashi and apologises to her for Gopika’s behavior. She also asks why she let Gopika come to the engagement. Ashi tells that its Mithila’s decision and no one can go against her. Ramila asks that Mithila knows Gopika then why she let Gopika attend the engagement what will happen because of this Thejal has to face problem in her in law’s house. Minal gets worried. Ramila and Ashi leaves the place happily.

Gopika asks Baa what she is going to do now because Saksham don’t want to listen to her but she saw Vijay is taking picture of him torturing Thejal withour that photo she can’t prove that Vijay is nor suitable for Thejal. Baa opens her cupboard and tells that she used to wear this type of dresses when her husband is alive because he liked to see her in these clothes so Saksham may not listen to Gopika but to Radhika. Gopika smiles at Baa.

Precap: Saksham gets a note in which Peacok feather is drawn and it states that Radhika is here. He gets happy and searches for Radhika. Gopika in disguise enters the Modi house as Radhika. Saksham asks Gopika is she Radhika and forwards his hand to shake. Gopika as Radhika tells yes and forwards her hand too.

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