Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th November 2021 Written Update: Mithila asks Modi’s to become a supporting system of Gopika


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The episode starts with Saksham greets everyone and asks why no one is having breakfast. Mithila tells that they all are waiting for Gopika. Gopika comes there and asks why no one is having breakfast. She will make some other food for breakfast if they don’t like this. Saksham tells that Mithila wants her to have breakfast with them so the family is waiting for her.

Gopika gets uncomfortable and tells that she is not feeling good because the family has to wait for her like this. Mithila asks Gopika to sit with a smile on her face. Gopika obliges and goes and sits beside Saksham. Ashi looks upstairs and asks Gopika what is she wearing. Eveyone gets confused. Chirag tells that she is wearing her clothes can’t she see but Ashi signs the steps which leads upstairs and eveyone gets shocked seeing Priya is coming downstairs wearing Kurta and Pyjama.

Ashi asks from when did she starts wearing such clothes. Gopika tells it’s not hers. Ashi asks then whose it is. Saksham tells it’s his clothes and asks Priya what is she wearing. Mithila also questions Priya. Priya tells that she dont know how to wear a saree and apologises to Gopika saying the choices of clothes which she has is not her taste so she wears this. She also tells that she will change it once the clothes of hers gets dry and tells that she is uncomfortable wearing this too. Mithila tells she is right and tells the things which belongs to the person will suits them only and not eveyone.

Eveyone decides to have breakfast when Chirag jokes that during breakfast table eating food suits the best. Mithila agrees with him and they starts having their breakfast. Mithila tells the family members that her daugher in law Gopika is innocent and shy so she not only need Saksham’s support but also the whole family so asks them to be there for her. Baa and Chirag happily nods okay. Minal and Keshav looks at each other but doesn’t say anything. Priya mocks silently.

Mithila asks her is she said anything to which Priya tells that she is becoming emotional seeing such a loving family. Hiten tells Ramila that her daugher in law spent Rs.2000 for breakfast so he will have only one roti also one dhokla for the entire month. Ramila tells that she will make sure to get double the money from Tejal for what she spend for breakfast.

Mithila tells that there is a puja which she arranged for Gopika and Saksham in the temple so they all have to leave after breakfast. She then asks Priya to come to their house some other day. Priya tells that she thought to spend more time with them but she will visit them some other day. Saksham asks her to have breakfast saying he will drop her out. Outside the house Priya tells Saksham that she wishes she gets a family just like his. Saksham assures her that she will get a loving family just like him. Priya tells but no one is like him because he is one in a million.

Saksham tells that he is married. Priya says so what. Saksham smiles and tells that she didn’t changed a bit. Priya then tells Saksham that he changed a lot. Gopika is a sweet girl but there is something that changed him a lot it must be his business. Saksham talks about Radhika. He also recalls how Radhika sent him the design to how she give him advices and now she disappeared all of sudden. Priya tells that’s strange then tells that she is leaving now. Saksham goes inside. Priya thinks that she needs to find who is Radhika then gets shocked seeing the diary which has designs is not in her bag and realises she drops it. Gopika takes the diary from the floor and tells Baa she don’t know how it’s in the floor. Baa tells Priya is here before right.

Priya decides to go inside but decides not to because Mithila will grow suspicious of her and wonders how to take that from the room. Baa asks Gopika that now she and Saksham decides to start their life from the beginning what she is going to do to Radhika. Gopika holds the diary close to her and tells in today’s puja she will make everyone knows about Radhika and end the chapter forever. Baa smiles and nods okay. Priya thinks that she has to find a way to get to know about Radhika’s whereabouts. She has to gather information from Saksham about Radhika also will take the diary at any cost and she knows how to do it and smiles. Gopika tells Baa that she will go and get ready for the puja. Baa says okay.

Mithila gives the worker the things that is for puja and asks them to keep it in their car. Saksham tells Mithila that he is ready for the puja so shall they go. Mithila tells Saksham that she and the family is going first and asks him to come with Gopika. Saksham agrees. Mithila then tells Saksham that she is starting a new life and asks to concentrate on it. Saksham gets confused then realises why she is talking like this so he tells Mithila that Priya is just his college friend nothing else.

Mithila tells Saksham that she is not asking him to break his friendship or not to have friend all she is asking him to fulfill his promises he made to Gopika. Saksham says okay. Mithila leaves the place. Saksham calls Gopika who comes downstairs wearing a matching clothes to Saksham. Saksham asks her what is she wearing to which Gopika tells that she thought to wear matching clothes if he dont like this then she will change it. Saksham thinks how he is going to make her understand not everything will suits eveyone and thinks he made a promise which he will fulfill it and stops Gopika saying they can leave for temple.

Gopika nods her head and goes. On their way to temple Gopika increase the music but Saksham decreases it. Their car gets stopped which annoys Saksham. Both Saksham and Gopika comes out of their car. Gopika imagines that Saksham is giving her a flower and asks her to rell what she wants. Gopika says in her heart but opens her eyes when Saksham voice pulls her out of the imagination. She takes her mobile to check the network but finds it’s not available so she suggests Saksham that they can walk and see if we can able to get lift or see mechanic. Saksham agrees and they both starts walking. The hear a car sound and Saksham stops it and tells that they are in need of lift. Priya comes out of the car which shocks Saksham and Gopika.

Precap: In the temple Priya goes to take the diary but stops when Mithila notices her. Mithila follows Priya who covers her face with a shawl. She asks her to stop it but Priya takes her footwear and leaves the place hurriedly. Mithila notices the footwear and thinks why she feels that the footwear is similar to Priya’s and looks on.

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