Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th March 2022 Written Update: Priya targets Saksham to stop Gopika from giving her last exam


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The episode starts with Gopika tells Priya it’s her last exam tomorrow and she had to stay in this room for a day and leaves the place. Priya tells herself that she has to stop Gopika from giving exam at any cost then looks at something and get happy. Other side Minal and Keshav looks worried. Mithila recalls the Ramila’s revealation about Subhadra and Gopika’s relationship. Minal puts her hand on Mithila’s shoulder. Mithila tells that she is going to tell Gopika the truth.

Minal tells Mithila to not to do this saying that revelation will ruin the peace of this family members. Keshav scolds Mithila and asks her to understand why they have to hide this from Gopika. Mithila tells that no one can stop her from saying the truth to Gopika also its Gopika’s rights to learn this truth. Minal stops Mithila by giving a swear on God. Mithila asks Minal how could she do this to her. She then asks Minal and Keshav how they both will stop Subhadra when she recovers fully.

Saksham comes there and asks what they are talking about shocking Keshav and Minal. Priya in her bathroom takes a the window glass one by one meanwhile Ashi expresses her joy of not cooking today to Chirag. They both goes near Priya’s room and hears the glass is broken so they thinks Priya must be trying to leave the house so they decides to bring Mithila who has the room key.

Saksham tells Mithila and Keshav-Minal that the food is ready. He further asks them what they were talking. Mithila opens her mouth to say but Chirag and Ashi comes there and urges Mithila to go with them to Priya’s room saying Priya is planning to escape the house. Everyone gets shocked and hurries to Priya’s room.

Priya struggles to leave the place using the window. Gopika comes there and asks the family members what they are doing infront of Priya’s room. They tells her their suspicion and Mithila opens the room and all of them goes in searching for Priya. Saksham and Gopika goes to the bathroom meanwhile Priya comes out of the house and gets happy saying her next plan will never let Gopika give her exam and win this challenge.

Gopika and Saksham goes to the family members and tells that Priya escaped. Chirag and others gets worried saying Priya will do something to stop Gopika from giving her exam. Mithila and Saksham tells the family members that they will stop Priya at any cost. Gopika tells the family members that Priya can go to any extend. Priya’s uncle tells Priya that he is sure Gopika will get more marks than her so she dont have any other option but to leave Modi house so asks her to stay in a ladies hostel because the house is too small meanwhile Priya is pasting a photo of Saksham and Gopika on the wall.

Priya scolds her uncle and tells him that she is going to do something that will make Gopika to either choose the exam or Saksham. Her uncle tells that he dont understand what’s going on in her mind through makes Priya smirk at him. Mithila orders the family members what they have to do to stop Priya from troubling Gopika. She asks Ashi and Chirag to watch the living room and asks Keshav to order the guards to be alert also asks Keshav to keep an eye on them. She then tells that she and Minal will keep an eye on every room.

She asks Saksham to not to leave Gopika’s side for the rest of the night. Gopika studies in her room while others do their part of the work. Other side Priya’s uncle tells her in few hours Gopika is going to give her exam and she can’t go to the Modi house because they all must be alert and mocks her asking is she going to execute her plan after Gopika gives her exam. Priya asks her uncle to have faith in her plans saying what she is going to do now will shook the Modi’s world and smirks.

Saksham adores Gopika and when Gopika turns around and sees that Saksham looks away making Gopika smile. Gopika asks Saksham to calm down when he gets tensed hearing a sound of a glass which Gopika put it on the table. Mithila enters the room. Gopika questions her for being upset. Mithila thinks to herself how Gopika will react when she learns the truth also wonders will she love the same way like now. She then tells Gopika that she is worried about her confusing Gopika and leaves the room. Ashi gets annoyed thinking what else she has to do for Gopika.

Priya asks her uncle to put an alarm at five o clock and she will execute her plan that time and goes to sleep. Saksham asks Gopika to sleep saying he will wake her up in the early morning for revision and tells that he wont sleep reminding his promise he made the other day to fulfill her dreams making Gopika emotional.

Later Priya wakes up hearing an alarm sound. Her uncle comes to her room happily. Priya tells now everyone must be tired and sleeping sound in Modi’s house so no one can stop her from entering the house to execute the plan. Saksham wakes up from his sleep and goes down finding Chirag and Ashi is asleep. He decides to have a black coffee so goes to kitchen. Priya enters the house and sees Saksham is in kitchen. She pushes Ashi who wakes up screaming so Saksham comes out and sees Ashi woke up meanwhile Priya goes to the kitchen.

Saksham asks Ashi and Chirag to go to their room to sleep but they both falls asleep on the couch so he goes to the kitchen to make coffee. He feels someone’s presence so he turns around but Priya runs from there. He wakes up Chirag and Ashi and asks them to alert eveyone saying that there is someone entered the house. Priya from her hiding spot says to herself that she wants Saksham to drink his coffee.

Saksham takes a sip and goes out. Priya gets happy and tells that part of the plan is success then calls Gopika to execute her next plan..Gopika answers Priya’s call and the latter tells that she is going to kidnap her within ten minutes shocking Gopika. Saksham sees the guard is unconscious. He then hears Gopika is calling him so he turns around and feel dizzy. Gopika tells the family members about Priya’s threat they all starts searching for Priya. Mithila asks Gopika to not to worry and makes her sit on the bed. Gopika looks confused.

Precap: Gopika meets Priya. Priya shows a video of Saksham tied above a tub filled with water. She tells her the place in which Saksham is in opposite direction to her exam centre so now she need to choose either Saksham or her exam. Gopika cries. Later Gopika goes to where Saksham is and calls out his name. Saksham will be seen drowning in a box filled with water. He calls out Gopika’s name.

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