Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th March 2022 Written Update: Saksham writes Gopika’s exam


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The episode starts with Priya mocks at Gopika and tells her that she won this challenge. She stops the supervisor and asks that is there any privilege for people to give the exam. The supervisor says not at all. She then asks Gopika why she is so early. Gopika gets confused. The supervisor asks her to check her mobile. Gopika and Saksham gets happy seeing the message. Priya asks them about the smile on their face. Gopika tells Priya that the exam got postponed so she is going to give her exam. Priya gets angry and asks the supervisor how could they do this. The supervisor warns and tells due to short circuit the exam get postponed then leaves the place.

Gopika goes to Priya and tells her that her love for Saksham is true that’s why God is with her and she got another opportunity to give the exam. She tells that now it’s her who has to leave the Modi house and their life. They all leaves the place. Priya gets angry that Gopika get an opportunity again. Gopika tells that it’s God who helped her. Chirag asks Gopika to give credit to him and Ashi too. Gopika asks is they are the one who reason behind the short circuit. Ashi and Chirag smiles at each other.

The FB shows in which Chirag tells Ashi that they dont have any other option but to do this so that Gopika will get another opportunity and pull the fuse from its place. The FB ends. Ashi tells Gopika that she felt bad for doing this all but they dont have any other way so did it. Gopika thanks both of them and decides to go to her exam hall. Chirag tells Saksham that Gopika’s hall ticket is with him so Saksham follows Gopika and gives her the exam.

Saksham holds Gopika’s hand and Gopika senses pain. She also sees her hand is injured. She tells Saksham that inorder to save him she pulled the rope that lead her this injury and tells she can’t even able to move her hand so how could she will give her the exam. Saksham reminds her that she can able to write using her other hand but Gopika senses the pain in that hand too.

Saksham brings ointment and applies it but Gopika tells that she dont think she can able to give exam and cries saying that she failed to give the exam. Saksham asks her not to lose hope and goes to have a talk with the principal. He then comes outside and asks Gopika to come with him. Gopika is about to walk in the opposite direction but Saksham stops her and tells her that she has another opportunity to write her exam.

The supervisor explains there will be a writer who will write the exams those who can able to. In her case also the same will happen. Saksham tells that he is the writer. The supervisor tells the rules and asks them not to cheat. Gopika assures she won’t. Gopika tells the answers and Saksham writes it in the answer sheet. After the exam over Gopika thanks Saksham for helping her fulfill her dreams. She tells that it’s not possible if he is not with her.

Saksham tells Gopika that its her hard work he has nothing to do. He also thanks Gopika for saving his life. He then says they are power couple. The students enters the hall and says to them that they both are inspiration to the youngsters like them. They also tells they both are madly in love. The students surrounds Saksham and Gopika and hugs them. Gopika smiles and thinks to herself that Priya’s game is finally comes to an end.

Priya and Gopika looks at each other. Gopika gives her the divorce paper and asks her to sign it. Priya refuses saying the results are yet to come. Gopika warns Priya to not to push her further or else she will regret. Priya asks what is she saying. She then gets shocked seeing the Modi’s surrounds her. Saksham tells Priya if she dont sign the divorce paper then he will call the police but this time they will be here to arrest her not them.

Priya asks for what reason. Saksham tells that for kidnapping him. Keshav tells her that they have CCTV footage of her kidnapping Priya. Priya tells that there is no CCTV in this house but Chirag tells the previous day only they made the CCTV arrangements and plays her the video of Priya kidnapping Saksham.

Priya gets shocked and tells that this wont prove anything. Saksham tells that he will call the police. Mithila threatens to hire the advocate who will make sure that Priya get severe punishment and she won’t leave the prison. Saksham tells that he will count till 10 if she dont sign the papers then he will call the police. Priya signs the papers and asks them to let her go. Gopika taunts Priya and tells her that she deserves to be get punished. Priya pleads the Modi’s to let her go but Saksham calls the police. Gopika drags Priya out of the house and pushes her.

Priya threatens the Modi’s. The cops comes there. Priya tells the Inspector the Modi’s are accusing her falsely but the inspector warns her not to do anything that will force them to drag her to the station and takes her away. Everyone gets relieved. Priest comes to the Modi’s house. They all greets him. Gopika asks Mithila why did she called the priest. Mithila smiles at Gopika.

Precap: Police enters the Modi’s house and tells that they are here to find a culprit. Gopika gets confused and asks what they are saying. The inspector says that they are here to arrest Subhadra Joshi who killed her husband thirty years back shocking Gopika. Mithila glares at Minal.

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