Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th June 2022 Written Update: Saksham-Gopika signs the divorce papers


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The episode starts with Gopika comes to her room and lockd the door. She then cries recalling her marriage with Saksham. She takes her marriage photo and hugs it all the while crying. Gopika says that she wishes to have a seven life with him but only two days left. Saksham comes there and asks Gopika why she is ruining their life. Gopika tells it’s not her but him who ruined it.

Saksham tells that she knows very well that he loves her so much and never will betray her. Gopika says there is no meaning to his love because in love they wont hurt that person again. Saksham tells Gopika that he have a whole life to prove him that he is innocent but pleads her not to do this all like forcing him to marry Shradha. Gopika tells that how long he is going to do everything as per his wish. How long he is going to make everyone dance according to his tune. He hurt her and now he is trying to hurt Kesari.

She also taunts him saying that he and Shradha had such a good relationship yet he hurt her but she wont let him hurt Kesari like this. She also tells Saksham the value about relationships. Saksham gets angry so raises his hand on Gopika after the latter taunts him so much. Gopika gets shocked. Saksham tells her that he will marry Shradha. He then recalls the memories he shared with Gopika.

He tells Gopika to wipe off the vermilion because she wanted to end their relationship so he don’t think she has right to wear a vermilion on her forehead from his name. He takes his hand near the vermilion but Gopika stops him and tells him that he made a promise to spend the rest of their life together which he broke it because of which he lost the rights to wipe off the vermilion from her forehead. Saksham and Gopika looks at each other.

The next day Gopika calls the lawyer. The family members comes to the living room. Mithila asks Gopika why she called everyone. Gopika tells the previous day she took a decision about Saksham’s marriage with Shradha for that she and Saksham to get divorced and she called lawyer for the same. Everyone gets shocked.

Shradha tells Gopika that it’s not at all necessary. Gopika can be Saksham’s wife and this house daughter in law and she will be Kesari’s mother. Mithila agrees with Shradha and tells Gopika that they can find a solution but it’s not the solution which she took it.

Gopika tells that she is doing all this for Kesari’s well being and future. When she grow up what she learn that she is with her both parents and his father is husband of someone who is nor her mother. She further says that she is doing all this to give Kesari a good future. Mithila tries to say something but Saksham stops her and tells her that Gopika decided it so let her do what she feels right. Chirag pleads Gopika to not to do this all. Ashi signs and Chirag asks what is she trying to say.

Ashi writes in a paper that she supports Gopika’s decision which angers Chirag who scolds her and asks her to keep her mouth shut and no need to share her opinion to them. Saksham asks Gopika to give him the divorce papers. Gopika gives to him. Saksham recalls the moments he shared with Gopika and looks at her. They both looks at each other with tear filled eyes.

Saksham signs the papers and gives it to Gopika and the latter also signs. She then asks everyone to prepare for Saksham and Shardha’s marriage then leaves the place. Later she goes to the temple inside the Modi house. She talks to the idol saying that she’s confused and she don’t know what to do. She knows she is responsible for the family is breaking like this but she has no other options.

Shradha talks to someone on the call saying they have to stop her wedding with Saksham at any cost and asks that person to find a solution. Gopika recalls in which how Shradha telling someone that he knows very well she can’t marry Saksham because Kesari is not his. Gopika looks at the God’s idol and thanks for showing this truth and wonders why Shradha is hiding and trying to save someone like this. She tells the divorce is just a drama nothing else to expose that person and Shradha’s lie. Gopika also says until she finds the truth she wont tell this to anyone. She also decides to make Shradha believe her.

Shradha tells the person on the call right away saying everyone must be asleep and goes to meet him. She tells him that she can’t marry Saksham as she knows Kesari is not his. The person tells her even he knows that and asks her to stop the wedding. Shradha gets angry and says he know it’s Gopika’s decision.

The man tells that he knows it’s not Saksham who is father of Kesari but they are her real parents. The light gets on shocking Kesari and Chirag. Chirag tries to lie to the family that he is talking to Shradha about adoption. Mithila slaps him and asks him to tell the truth about his and Shradha’s relationship. Gopika tells them that she has grown suspicious of Shradha earlier and the divorce is just a drama to expose the truth.

Chirag tells that he liked Shradha a lot but Shradha liked Saksham. In that party when he went to take Saksham with him to home he saw Shradha is with Saksham and he slept with her. Shradha tells the next day only she learnt she slept with Chirag also she had an earlier flight so she left. Mithila asks when he know that Kesari is his daughter. Chirag tells them a few days back Shradha told him. Mithila gets furious and tells he betrayed his brother and family.

Ashi goes crazy and tells that she don’t believe all this because Chirag will never do such things. Munna and Rajjo take her inside. Saksham tells Chirag that hereafter they dont have any relationship with him and leaves the place angrily. Gopika looks on teary eyed.

Precap: Saksham and Gopika worries how Kesari is going to handle the truth about her father. Ashi beats Chirag. Gopika tells that Kesari is unnecessarily being punished for other’s mistakes.

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