Tera Mera Saath Rahe Upcoming Story: Gopika to choose Saksham over her board exam!


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Starbharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with interesting drama with Minal Minal stops Mithila from telling the truth of Subhadra and Gopika’s relationship to Gopika. Later Priya escapes from the Modi house and tells her uncle about her plan this time will surely work on her favor meanwhile the Modi’s guards the house to stop Priya from entering the house to trouble Gopika.

Now it will be interesting to see what will be the reaction of Modi’s and Gopika when they learn about Priya’s plan? Will Priya win this challenge? Will Priya’s plan stop Gopika from giving her last exam?

In the previous episode we had seen that Mithila and Keshav-Minal trapped Ramila and learns it was indeed Ramila who blackmailed them. All three of them lashed out at her also threatened to tell this action of her’s to make Ramila panick. Ramila pleaded with them but started taunting them for locking up Subhadra for the past twenty years. Other side Subhadra praised Gopika for taking good care for her. Later she sketched Gopika’s childhood photo with her father which Gopika failed to recognize it.

Gopika praised Subhadra also shared with her how she dont remember anything about her mother. Ramila revealed that Subhadra is Gopika’s real mother but Mithila and Keshav-Minal refused to believe her so she took them to her house and showed them proof of Gopika’s childhood photo with Subhadra shocking them.

Later Gopika thanked the Modi’s for accepting her as a part of their family members. Priya got hopeful seeing something in her room after she determined to stop Gopika from giving her last exam.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Gopika will meet Priya. Priya will show a video of Saksham being tied above a water tank and ask Gopika to choose either Saksham’s life or her exam. Gopika will cry and go to where Saksham is and call out his name. Saksham will be drowning inside the water tank. He will call out Gopika.

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