Tera Mera Saath Rahe Upcoming Story: Gopika to impress Saksham’s business partner?


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Starbharath’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with interesting drama with Mithila lashing out at Gopika for trying to interfere in the family matters when she asked her not to do as she is staying here as a guest for few days only. Gopika gets hurt by Mithila’s words. Now it will be interesting to see what will Gopika do next will make Mithila and Saksham accept her in their life? Will Saksham get one more opportunity to prove himself as a better business man infront of the client? Will Saksham accept Gopika’s help?

In the current track it shown that Gopika brings food for Saksham and hears him preparing for his speech so she prays God to help Saksham to impress his clients. Baa comes there and asks Gopika what is she doing here to which Gopika says that she is here to give Saksham his food and she also knows that both Saksham and Mithila is angry so she will put the food on Saksham’s room without his knowledge. Baa says that she will pray to God that both Saksham and Mithila looks at her strength than her weakness.

Ramila tells Ashi that they have to bring down Saksham so that he will lost his opportunity to become an CEO then Chirag gets opportunity. Once Saksham leaves his room Gopika goes to put the food but stops when she sees Saksham’s jewelry design and praises it. She then makes few modifications then leaves when Saksham comes and asks what she is doing. Saksham thinks that this design looks more beautiful now that before. Mithila instructs the workers to behave properly also teach them how to greet the guests in Japanese. Gopika also watches everything from far. Seeing Gopika Mithila asks her to stay in her room so Gopika leaves. Ramila instructs Ashi to mix more spices in the Dal which is made for the guests.

Gopika sees this and gets shocked but Mithila refuses to believe Gopika’s words about the Dal has more spices in it so Gopika drinks the entire bowl saying she is also a guest here so it’s meant for her too. Mithila gets furious so she drags Gopika to the living room and calls her a stain which will never fade away in Saksham’s life. She then breaks a photo frame of her and Gopika and tears the picture into two also asks Gopika to do the same with her wedding album because this is the only help she can do for them and leaves the place. Gopika cries. Later the client and his son comes there with his PA. The Modi’s welcomes them and Mithila asks them to have food then they can discuss about their business proposal. Gopika sees the kid is struggling to eat the food so she signs at him from far.

Mithila sees Gopika and signs at her to go back to her room so Gopika leaves the place. Ashi tells Ramila if she do anything now to ruin Saksham’s opportunity to become a CEO everyone will get to know that it’s her because Gopika is not there. Ramila gets an idea which she shares with Ashi who gets happy and decides to do it. Gopika recalls her wedding with Saksham and cries. Ashi comes there and tells Gopika that she wants to talk to her about something. Gopika tells Ashi even she wants to ask her something. She then asks why she didnt tell anyone about the message which Saksham sent her before marriage because of that only all this misunderstanding started in the first place. Ashi gets shocked.

She questions Gopika is she blaming her all she did is for her happiness only. Gopika tells that she wants to know why she didn’t told anyone earlier about the message. Ashi gets worried and looks at Gopika.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Saksham will say to the client he will explain about the jewelry designs which he made and start explaining without noticing that instead of his jewelry design its Gopika’s picture which is projected on the screen. Saksham will get shocked. The client from Japan will say that he is disappointed with Saksham and the deal won’t happen and decides to leave the house. Gopika will ask Saksham’s client to let her feed food to his son as he didnt had much food earlier. After feeding the kid food Gopika will say to the client just like this kid Saksham also need one more opportunity to prove himself and this time she will assure him that Saksham won’t disappoint him.

Saksham his client and his PA will look at Gopika who will be seen folding her hands.

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