Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 10th June 2022 Written Update: Vamika confesses about her fake pregnancy


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 10th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha entering the Sangeet venue of Vamika and Devraj. She announces about her performance and starts dancing gracefully. She glares at Vamika, while the latter gets furious at her. Whereas, Jaya keeps an eye on Krisha and becomes suspicious seeing her act. Krisha was about to fall when Devraj holds her and she dances around him. She remembers her moments with Devraj, while he also keeps staring at her. Krisha gives a signal to Rati and Dr. Nisha, while they both proceeds to conduct their plan.

Here, Vamika gets frustrated with Krisha as the latter gets close to Devraj. She was about to interrupt them, when Rati and Dr. Nisha stands next to her. Nisha brings out the syringe and injects medicine inside Vamika silently, in order to make her unconscious. Vamika gets shocked and falls asleep, while Nisha and Rati takes hold of her.

Rathores gets worried seeing Vamika’s state and shows their concern towards her. Krisha stops them and assures that Vamika is fine. She tells that it was her plan, while Devraj gets furious at her and ask what if her baby gets harmed. Krisha gets annoyed and shouts that Vamika isn’t pregnant.

Elsewhere, Devraj denies to believe Krisha while the latter proclaims that she will leave the house if she fails to prove it. She ask Devraj for a last chance, while the latter agrees to it. Jaya gets shocked and worries about Vamika. She tries to stop Krisha but Devraj interrupts Jaya and ask her to give a chance to Krisha.

Dr. Nisha reveals her identity and says that she is not Krisha’s friend but a professional doctor. Raghav, Ugra and Naina also waits for the result eagerly, while Meenakshi cries and says that she won’t leave Vamika is she had lied to them. Meanwhile, Dr. Nisha starts the procedure of sonography, while Jaya gets tensed.

Ahead, Dr. Nisha comes forward and reveals that Vamika is not pregnant. Everyone gets shocked, while Krisha apologises to them for doing all the act in order to bring Vamika’s truth out. She goes upstairs inside her room and removes all her jewelleries. She remembers all her moments with Devraj and consoles herself not to cry for him or Rathores anymore.

Krisha gathers courage to stay strong, while Devraj gets flashes of the moments when he scolded Krisha for Vamika. He remembers how Vamika acted to be pregnant and he agreed to marry her too. He gets emotional remembering his behaviour towards Krisha, while Dr. Nisha tells that Devraj is lucky because Krisha saved him.

Further, Vamika gets conscious while Jaya still tries to send her daughter away from there. She shows that she is angry and declares that she will deal with her but Devraj stops her and lashes out at Vamika. She proclaims that Krisha is lying, while Meenakshi and Gajvardhan ask her to do a test. She denies to go with them, while Devraj tries to drag her forcefully. She stops him and confesses that she isn’t pregnant, while everyone gets furious at her.

The episode ends.

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