Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 11th August 2022 Written Update: Vamika tries to get close to Devraj


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 11th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Virendra getting inside Krisha’s room. He gives breakfast to her and shows his concern towards the unborn baby along with her. He insists Krisha to take proper care of herself as she is carrying a life inside her womb, while she smiles at him. They both sits there and Virendra starts feeding Krisha. He gets emotional and tells Krisha that the baby is a blessing of God and it will solve all their problems. Meanwhile, at that time Jaya comes there and Virendra gets scared seeing her. Krisha notices it and confronts her.

Here, Jaya tells that she just came to warn Krisha that soon everything will be snatched from her. Krisha says that she already knows Jaya’s intentions and proclaims that she don’t even expect a wish for the baby from her. Krisha proclaims that she have her God with her, while Jaya declares that inside the Palace only she rules and no one can interfere in her plan, not even God.

Krisha declares that she have full faith in her God and stops Jaya from scaring Virendra. She also sends the latter out of her room, while Jaya warns Krisha to be aware. Meanwhile, Devraj was about to leave for his office, whereas Vamika insists him to give lift to her.

Elsewhere, Vamika shows her fake concern towards Devraj while they were inside the car. She tries to get close to him and tells that he can share all his feelings with her. She tells that she can feel his pain and ask him out for dinner, but he denies stating that he don’t want to go anywhere at that moment.

Vamika fakes her guilt stating that she feels she lost him due to her past mistakes, while he ask her not to think about all those things. She couldn’t able to fulfill her plan and then gets out of the car. Jaya notices Vamika sad and tells a trick to her. She ask Vamika to use her beauty in front of Devraj and ask not to lose her hope.

Ahead, Raghav and Ugra comes inside Jaya’s room and starts threatening her by showing the pictures of her and Vamika. The latter gives a befitting reply to them, while Ugra warns to expose her in front of everyone. Jaya ask them to have faith and proclaims that she will give them their money till morning.

Jaya thinks about getting the keys and property from Krisha as soon as possible, so that she can give money to Ugra in order to stop them from blackmailing her. Whereas, Vamika comes inside the house and acts to be intoxicated. Devraj gets shocked seeing her and tries to calm her down. She acts stating that she is trying to forget him, but couldn’t able to move on.

Further, Vamika gets stunned seeing Vamika’s drama and gets furious at her. Devraj scolds Krisha and ask her not to misbehave with Vamika. Jaya comes there and takes Krisha inside her room, while the latter gets worried for Devraj and prays for his safety. Vamika gives spiked drink to Devraj and ask him to pour his heart out. He stumbles to walk, while Vamika takes him along with her, while Jaya smirks thinking about their plan.

The episode ends.

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