Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 16th June 2022 Written Update: Devraj struggles to prove his innocence


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 16th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj watching Krisha’s video and cries remembering her. He misses her presence and starts hallucinating about her. She encourages him to get her apology and reminds that how many times she has given tests to get his trust. He tells that she isn’t ready to forgive him, while the latter states that he have to try harder and ask him not to quit. Suddenly, she disappears while he comes back to reality. He motivates himself to fight for his love and determines to convince Krisha anyhow. Whereas, Ugra gets furious at Raghav after seeing him dancing inside his room.

Here, Ugra scolds Raghav and ask him to be serious, while he notify her about his dangerous ploy. He tells that he went inside Vamika’s room and used her phone to call a snake charmer. He continues that he made the latter leave the most poisonous snake inside Krisha’s house in order to kill her.

Raghav also tells that he payed the money from Vamika’s account and Devraj will catch her for killing Krisha. He states that Devraj will surely destroy Vamika and there won’t be any hurdle in their life to get towards the throne. Ugra gets impressed by him, while the snake wanders around Krisha’s room.

Elsewhere, Krisha tries to find a job for herself while her mother tries to convince her to forgive Devraj. Krisha denies, whereas her mother reminds her about all the favours Devraj has done on them. She also tells that he loves Krisha immensely, but the latter stays firm on her decision.

Krisha’s mother scolds her and sends her to the market to bring some groceries. Whereas, Devraj also comes there and tries to woo Krisha but gets unsuccessful. He follows Krisha to the market and sends several things towards her in order to make her smile, but she gives all the staffs to someone else.

Ahead, some mens holds Devraj and mistook him for assaulting Krisha. She denies to have any relationship with him, while the mens were about to beat Devraj, when Krisha realises that there is snake inside her bag. She throws it away, while Devraj risks his life to save her. The public appreciates his effort, while Krisha still doesn’t forgive him and goes away.

Ugra scolds Raghav for making a foolish plan. She says that Krisha is all fine, as she was talking to Rati. She rebukes Raghav, while the latter gets furious and gives money to a truck driver and instruct him to drive over Krisha and kill her. He also gives Vamika’s photo and ask to blame the latter for killing Krisha.

Further, Devraj calls Jaya to ask about Vamika as he suspects her for trying to kill Krisha. Jaya gets suspicious about the situation and says that someone is trying to trap Vamika. Meanwhile, she instructs her daughter to keep her mind clear and focus on their revenge. Whereas, Krisha walks on the road while the truck driver was about to kill her, when Devraj shouts her name and gets shocked seeing her life in danger.

The episode ends.

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