Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 17th August 2022 Written Update: A shocker for Jaya


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 17th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj looking at the photo album and recalls his childhood moments with Virendra. At that time Virendra comes there and confronts him, while he makes his father sit along with him and starts narrating about their family moments. Virendra smiles and tells Devraj about the past stories, while the latter gets elated realising that his father regained his lost memories. He questions him about some incidents, while the latter replies correctly. Devraj becomes emotional, whereas Gajvardhan and Ugra also comes there and Virendra recognises them instantly. Everyone gets elated and starts asking the latter about the moments they had spended together.

Here, Rathores celebrates the recovery of Virendra and gets delighted. Whereas, Krisha and Jaya also comes there. Devraj tells Jaya about the recovery of Virendra, while the latter gets shocked and glares at him, but then fakes her smiles in front of Devraj. Krisha comes forward and ask Virendra to tell something about Jaya. The latter looks at Krisha with furious eyes.

Virendra states that she has done a lot to him. She gets worried thinking that he will reveal her truth, but he shockingly lies that Jaya has taken proper care of him when he was inside the basement. Devraj smiles and praises Jaya while Krisha states that Jaya always like to take care of Virendra, whereas the latter ask her to massage his legs and she unwilling does it, to fake her kindness.

Elsewhere, Jaya keeps glaring at Krisha and Virendra while pressing his legs. Meanwhile, Krisha insists Devraj to call his parents for the function, while he replies that he has already done it. She gets elated and hugs him, while he shower his love towards her. Rati and Virendra insists then to dance for the party.

Jaya keeps thinking about Krisha’s promise while Ugra and Raghav comes there and ask for their money. She shows the proofs against them and threatens to expose them in front of Devraj. They gets scared and stops blackmailing Jaya. Ugra insists the latter to give money for Naina’s trip but the latter insults Ugra and sends her away.

Ahead, Vamika calls Jaya and the latter shows her concern towards her daughter. The latter says that she is furious at Krisha for insulting her and confronts her mother for befriending with Krisha. The latter tries to explain Vamika about her hidden motive and proclaims that she needs time to take their revenge from Krisha. Vamika gets angry on Jaya and decides to instantly take her revenge from Krisha.

Vamika ploys to kill Krisha, whereas Virendra gets into a conversation with Gajvardhan and they recalls their past memories. They enjoys each other’s company, while the latter insist Gajvardhan to attend the party. Gajvardhan states that he can’t fake his happiness and proclaims that he doesn’t like Krisha and so dont want to come to the party. Virendra states that when Gajvardhan will know the goodness of Krisha then he will surely regret trusting Jaya.

Further, Virendra says that he is alive and fine only because of Krisha and request Gajvardhan to attend the party. The latter gets shocked learning about the matter and looks at Virendra. Whereas, Vamika meets Naina and ask her to notify when Krisha will hold the mic given by her. The latter questions about her money, to which Vamika assures that she will get her after work. Naina ask what Vamika is planning to do? To which the latter proclaims that Krisha will get a shock as soon as she will hold the mic, Naina gets shocked and ask if the latter Or her baby will get harmed? To which Vamika denies. Meanwhile, Vamika smirks thinking about blaming Naina after killing Krisha.

The episode ends.

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