Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th March 2022 Written Update: Devraj vows not to forgive Krisha


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th march 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha packing her stuffs to leave the palace, but at that time she gets a call from the bank manager. He confirms her identity by asking her certain questions and then tells that she have a joint account with Devraj and ask if they are willingly giving 200 crore of their shares to Gajvardhan? He notify that it’s a procedure to confirm from the account holder before transacting such huge amount. Krisha gets shocked learning about it and ask him to hold the transaction for sometime. He agrees to her decision and assures not to transfer any amount to Gajvardhan. Whereas, she gets tensed thinking about Gajvardhan’s plan.

Here, Krisha decides that Gajvardhan wanted to take advantage of Devraj’s situation and tried to take whole of his money. She states that she can’t go away leaving Dev in such vulnerable condition, as his family members will try to tear him apart. She goes towards the God’s idol and prays for him.

Krisha takes the beads from her broken nuptial chain and starts making a new one. She wears the mangalsutra and promises to keeps Dev safe from all the problems. Whereas, Devraj keeps remembering Daksh and misses him. He drinks alcohol and states that he should have taken a promise from Daksh to stay together.

Elsewhere, Devraj remembers how Daksh asked him to stay together forever, while he cries stating that what he will do with the promise after his death? He cries and pours his emotions out. At that time the rain starts pouring, while Devraj hides the ash’s of Daksh’s remaining. He promises Daksh that he will never forgive Krisha.

Krisha goes downstairs and gets dumbstruck seeing Naina taking Dev’s gold watch from the servant. She gives him money to hide about it from others, while Krisha gets teary eyes seeing that nobody cares about each other inside the house. She grows worried for Dev and determines to stay there to protect him.

Ahead, Meenakshi and Ugra mocks Krisha along with Gajvardhan. They insults her parents and ask to leave the palace. Krisha stands in front of them and calls the servant. She brings out the money and confronts him to tell the truth. He replied them about giving gold watch to Naina and how she bribed him. Ugra gets furious, while Krisha warns them not to demean her parents.

Krisha talks to her parents and apologises for all the humiliations they have faced. Her father ask her to forget everything and insists to come along with them, but she denies. She makes them understand that she have to be with her husband. She promises that soon she will make Dev understand that truth and they will be together. Her parents agrees to her decision.

Meenakshi tries to throw Krisha out of the house, while the latter threatens to tell their truth live on the radio. Jaya gets furious at Krisha and mocks her. She stops Krisha from doing it and gives permission to stay in the palace. She warns her not to create any more problems in their house. Whereas, Krisha checks the food for Dev and was about to sit with them, but he stops her. He declares that the dinning table is only for the house members and excludes Krisha from being a part of their family.

The end.

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