Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th May 2022 Written Update: Vamika acts to take abortion pills


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 18th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya asking Krisha to prepare a bowl of soup. Whereas, the latter immediately makes it and brings it to Jaya’s room. Meanwhile, Jaya notify Krisha that she asked her to make the soup for Vamika as she needs to have something light. Krisha gets shocked as Jaya ask her to give it to Vamika and make her drink it. Krisha goes towards Vamika’s room and calms herself stating that Vamika needs care as she is pregnant. She enters Vamika’s room and gives the bowl of soup to her, whereas the latter taunts Krisha.

Here, Krisha makes Vamika have the soup and ask her if anyone has taken advantage of her? She assures to help Vamika in order to give justice to her, whereas the latter smirks and says that the baby belongs to Aarav. Krisha denies to accept Vamika’s allegations towards Aarav and she says that she won’t let her get successful in her ploy.

Vamika tells that her main motive is to get Devraj and she will have him by hook ir crook. Krisha reminds her about the time when she has walked on the broken glasses to take her nuptial chain and declares that she won’t ever let Vamika take her place. She says that she have faith in her love and proclaims that Devraj will never accept her.

Elsewhere, Vamika challenges Krisha that not only Devraj but the whole family will support her. Whereas, Krisha stays firm on her belief and determines to expose Vamika’s truth in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Jaya and Meenakshi comes there.

Meenakshi gives lots of gifts to Vamika while they gets shocked seeing abortion pills inside her room. Devraj also comes there and becomes stunned, while Vamika puts up an act and says that she can’t bear all the allegations upon her character. Whereas, Devraj proclaims to give justice to her and goes to find about Aarav.

Ahead, Krisha tries to find the key of Aarav’s room but couldn’t able to get it. At that time Devraj comes there and shows her the keys. He prohibits her from trying to find Aarav and says that she will create only problems for herself. She somehow manages to take the keys and gives false keys to him. Whereas, he tries to get romantic with her but she runs away and goes to find another Aarav.

Jaya confronts Devraj and ask how he will give justice to Vamika? He assures Jaya that he will find Aarav, while she shows him divorce papers and ask him to end his marriage with Krisha. He gets shocked, while she reminds him about his responsibilities. She scolds him and ask to fulfill his duty and insists to marry Vamika, but he denies and goes away stating that he will bring Aarav back.

Further, Vamika questions Jaya that how she will make Dev marry her? To which the latter ask her to keep patience. Meanwhile, Krisha gets some proofs and goes to track Aarav. She learns about his friend and tries to contact her in order to get Aarav’s location. She gets worried for him, whereas, Vamika and Jaya ploys to get rid of her.

The episode ends.

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