Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 19th July 2022 Written Update: Jaya plans to get Virendra’s signature


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 19th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya interviewing the caretakers for Virendra. She keeps looking for the perfect candidate to select among them, while at that time Krisha comes there being disguised as a village girl Gauri. She breaks the line and faces Jaya, the latter couldn’t able to recognise her as she was covering her face with a veil. She introduces herself and tells that she wants the job. She assures that she will take proper care of the person, but Jaya ask her to follow the queue. Krisha keeps looking at Jaya and determines to being out the truth.

Here, Krisha decides to find about Jaya’s motive and proclaims to look after Virendra in order to protect him. Meanwhile, Jaya selects some other lady as the caretaker and Krisha gets tensed seeing her plan getting flop. Jaya brings Virendra, while he insists to play with them. Jaya ask the lady to run after Virendra, while the lady gets tired and leaves the job stating that she can’t do it.

Jaya gets shocked by the lady’s decision and worries about finding the other caretaker. At that time Krisha plays with Virendra and wins his heart. He says that he only wants Krisha near him, while Devraj also comes there and appoints her as Virendra’s caretaker, without knowing that she is Krisha being disguised as Gauri.

Elsewhere, Jaya notify Gauri about the family members and tells their names. She instructs her about the work and ask to look after Virendra carefully. The latter assures Jaya and then plays with Virendra. She then goes inside his room and makes him sleep. At that time her veil flies away and she gets worried to get caught.

Gauri runs behind her veil to get it, while Devraj comes there. She hides herself from him and ask to give her veil, while he feels a pull towards her but ignores it and returns her veil. She smiles looking at his innocence and sees him with love.

Ahead, Krisha keeps an eye on Jaya while at that time Vamika comes there and confronts her. She questions her about her identity, to which the latter notify that she is Gauri, the caretaker of Virendra. The latter ask Vamika about her and misbehaves with her, making her furious.

At that time Jaya comes there and notify Vamika about Gauri. She sends her away and takes Vamika along with her. She shows the latter property papers and states that she just need the signature of Virendra in order to get all the property. Vamika and Jaya smirks and ploys to get the signature as soon as possible, while Krisha eavesdrop but couldn’t able to hear their conversation.

Further, Ugra confronts Gauri and sends her away in order to do her work. Whereas, she sees Devraj making tea in the kitchen. He notify her about his wife Krisha and says that he is going to enjoy time with her, whereas the latter feels guilty for hiding the truth from him. She determines to find about the culprit, while Devraj calls Krisha in order to talk to her, but gets shocked as the ring comes from Gauri’s phone.

The episode ends.

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