Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 19th May 2022 Written Update: Krisha gets devastated learning about Jaya’s decision


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 19th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha entering the palace after contacting Aarav’s friend for help to find his location, while she dashes with Jaya and their papers scatters away. Jaya gets irked seeing Krisha, whereas the latter apologises and starts picking the papers. She was about to give it back to Jaya, when she notices her and Devraj’s divorce paper and gets shocked. She confronts Jaya about it, while the latter notify Krisha about her decision and ask her to leave Devraj in order to let him fulfill his responsibilities. She says that Devraj have to marry Vamika as she is carrying the royal baby.

Here, Krisha gets devastated and denies to give divorce to Devraj. She declares that he will also tear the papers, while Jaya replies that she will make another papers and Devraj will have to sign it. Krisha questions that why Jaya is doing this injustice with her, while the latter says that she can’t let Krisha be the reason for Devraj to lose his authority.

Krisha cuts her finger and shows that everyone have same colour of blood and she declares that she believes humanity is more precious then royality. Jaya mocks Krisha for being a middle class girl and insults her, while Krisha determines to save her marriage.

Elsewhere, Vamika acts in front of Devraj and says that she can’t face the society if her news of being pregnant gets leaked. Devraj assures her that no one will reveal about it and ask her to consider them as her family. He promises to look after her and ask her not to injure herself or the unborn baby, while she agrees to him. She smirks as he leaves the room and determines to get him.

Krisha stands against Jaya, while Devraj comes there and scolds Krisha for shouting at Jaya. He takes a stand for Jaya, while the latter ask him to accept her decision. At that time a maid informs them that Vamika have taken Devraj’s gun into her room. They all gets worried and ask her to open the room, while the latter smirks and fire into the vase.

Ahead, Devraj breaks the door to get inside while she accuses Krisha for leaking about her pregnancy news. She shows the proof of Krisha’s video while Gajvardhan along with others rebukes her. She tries to defend herself, while Jaya throws her out of the palace. Devraj tries to stop Jaya, but she ask him to choose in between her and Krisha.

Krisha gets shocked and ask Jaya to open the door. She determines not to leave Devraj and sees her account to be hacked. She calls her brother and asks for help, while Dev gets a message that Krisha’s account got hacked and the video was false. Devraj shows it to Jaya, while the latter gets irked.

Further, Devraj opens the door and apologises to Krisha. He picks her up in his arms and brings her back to the palace, while Jaya becomes frustrated seeing their love. She shares her worry with Vamika, while the latter ask Jaya to relax. She says that the cyber police will come to investigate and she have already planned about it. Jaya gets curious and ask about her plan, but the latter ask her to wait.

The episode ends.

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