Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 1st August 2022 Written Update: Gajvardhan misunderstands Krisha


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Episode starts with Krisha getting worried about Virendra and goes to find him. She gets relieved seeing him inside the car and goes towards him, while Gajvardhan also comes there and scolds Virendra for taking his car keys. He questions the latter that who gave him the keys and ask him to come out. He rebukes Virendra for playing with his car and prohibits him from sitting inside it, while the latter smiles and reminds him about the time when their father used to teach them driving. He recalls all their childhood memories and both laughs remembering it.

Here, Gajvardhan also tells how he used to hide Virendra’s secrets from their father. They both enjoys their quality time, while Gajvardhan also realises that Virendra starts getting his memories back and becomes elated. Krisha also gets happy seeing their moment, while Gajvardhan decides to take Virendra on a long drive.

Krisha gets concerned for Virendra and decides to hide about his recovery from everyone as his life will get in danger. She rushes towards Gajvardhan and stops him from taking Virendra. She ask the latter to come out and states that he haven’t taken his medicines. She sends him away, while Gajvardhan gets furious at her for spoiling their happy moment.

Elsewhere, Gajvardhan accuses Krisha for not letting Virendra regain his memory, as then she will have to give up the property. She tries to explain him about her perspective but he denies to listen to her and goes away from there. She follows him in order to stop him from telling anyone about Virendra.

Jaya meets Gajvardhan and ask him to sit along with her. She manipulates him against Krisha and says that she is just behind the properties. She proclaims that they can get rid of her and ask Gajvardhan to join hand with her, the latter smirks and denies to believe Jaya. He says that Jaya is more greedy then Krisha and declares that he don’t trust her.

Ahead, Gajvardhan goes away from there while Jaya gets furious. Krisha becomes relaxed and goes inside Virendra’s room. She sees a mysterious women sneaking inside his room, while the latter gets scared of her and starts screaming. She rushes to catch the women but fails. She looks after Virendra and calms him down.

Krisha meets Devraj and hugs him. He takes a promise from her about not lying to one another anymore. She remembers about the secret she is hiding from him and determines to expose Jaya. She gives Devraj a false promise while at that time they hears Virendra’s screaming and rushes towards his room. She sees the same mysterious women’s picture in his hand and takes it, while Devraj puts his father to sleep.

Further, Ugra and Naina sees all the things that she bought from the money given by Jaya. At that time the latter comes inside their room and warns them to do the work orelse she won’t spare them. Whereas, Krisha takes Meenakshi and Rati’s help to find the mysterious women. Meenakshi takes the picture of the women and states that there is a person who can help them.

The episode ends.

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