Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 20th July 2022 Written Update: Vamika gets suspicious about Gauri


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha looking after Virendra and befriends him. Whereas, Devraj goes inside the kitchen to make tea for Krisha. He decides to surprise her, while at that time Gauri comes there and feels bad for him. She thinks that she will notify Devraj about the truth after finding the proofs. Whereas, the latter goes inside Krisha’s room but gets disheartened as he couldn’t able to find her. He comes back to the kitchen and notify Gauri about her missing, he decides to call his wife while Gauri gets worried thinking about her identity getting revealed.

Here, Gauri rushes out of the kitchen, while Devraj calls Krisha. Gauri picks the call from aside and lies to Devraj about being busy with some work. He expresses his love towards her, while she gets overwhelmed. Meanwhile, she remembers about the spycam and decides to check the audio. She goes inside Jaya’s room and searches for the spy pen.

Gauri couldn’t able to find the proofs and then sees it with Virendra. She tries to take it from him and dashes with Jaya. The latter warns Krisha to stay in Virendra’s room and look after him all the time, while the latter assures her. Meanwhile, Virendra looses the pen and it falls down inside the water.

Elsewhere, Gauri gets worried and takes out the pen. Whereas, Virendra says that it won’t work anymore and goes away from there. Whereas, she looks after him and feeds him food. Jaya comes inside his room and keeps an eye on Gauri. She sees the latter doing her work correctly and then goes away from there.

Krisha tries to get some proofs from the spy pen but everything gets ruined. At that time Devraj comes there and she hides all the stuffs. He confronts her about her missing, to which she replies that she was out of the house. She showers her love towards him and then gives him a gift.

Ahead, Devraj decides to make sweet dish for Krisha and gets inside the kitchen. He praises his wife in front of Gauri and thinks about taki hum her help in making sweet dish. He calls Krisha, while Gauri goes out of that area to attend his call. She explains him the procedure to make sweet dish, while he couldn’t able to get it and gives the phone to Gauri. He ask her to learn it from Krisha, while she sends him away and laughs thinking that she needs to learn from herself.

Gauri cooks the sweet dish while everyone enjoys it. Devraj notify Virendra that it is Krisha’s recipe while the latter gets furious. He still eats it stating that it taste good. Whereas, Devraj gets sad thinking about the differences between Krisha and his father. Meanwhile, Virendra plays with Gauri and Devraj becomes happy seeing their bond.

Further, Gauri keeps an eye on Jaya and finds about some papers. The latter takes sign from Virendra while Gauri steals it from them. But, she also looses it as Virendra calls her inside the room. She gets tensed, while Vamika gets furious at Jaya for loosing the property papers. The latter gets suspicious about Gauri and ask her to reveal her face. She denies while Devraj also comes there and questions about the matter. Jaya and Vamika hides the truth from him, while he ask the latter to apologise to Gauri. Vamika unwillingly ask worry from Gauri.

The episode ends.

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