Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 20th June 2022 Written Update: Devraj gets brutally attacked


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 20th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj trying hard to get Krisha’s forgiveness. She avoids him and also prohibits her parents from talking to him. He takes his guitar and starts singing “Tere Sang Yaara” in her garden. Everyone gathers around him and appreciates his music, while some records his voice and uploaded in the social media. He gets applause for his performance, while Krisha’s mother also praises him. She shows her support towards Devraj and goes against Krisha. She also rebukes her daughter for not showing sympathy towards Dev.

Here, Devraj assures Krisha’s mother that he will surely convince her. Whereas, Rati smiles seeing Devraj’s video on social sites. Vamika also sees it and gets furious. She breaks Rati’s phone and expresses her anger, while the latter advice her to move on from Devraj. She declares that no one can separate Krisha and Dev from one another.

Vamika gives a furious reply to Rati and then goes away from there. Whereas, Jaya gives a surprise to Vamika and both smirks seeing Raghav’s condition. Jaya says that she won’t leave anyone who will try to harm her daughter. She then goes to show her fake sympathy towards Raghav, while Ugra gets worried for him and glares at Vamika.

Elsewhere, Ugra gives an indirect warning to Vamika and proclaims to take her revenge. Whereas, Jaya insists Vamika to forget Dev and focus on their plan. She says that their revenge is superior to anything else and ask her to not lose her concentration. Whereas, Vamika stays silent.

Rati tries to help Raghav but he fumes at her and scolds her. He denies to take her help, while she declares that he can never learn from his mistake. She goes from the room, while Naina and Ugra gets inside. She ask him not to remove his anger on wrong person and ask to focus on his revenge towards Vamika. She proclaims to teach the latter a lesson for messing with her son.

Ahead, Krisha ask Devraj to leave from her house but he denies. She goes inside and talks to herself, being concerned for him. She calls Rati and the latter also supports Dev. Krisha tries to explain her perspective and says that Devraj will get into danger if he will stay with her. She shares her nightmare with Rati, while the latter states that Krisha should have to stay with Dev in order to protect him.

Devraj stays in the garden of Krisha’s house while she prohibits her parents to look after him. She determines to send him away, but he also gets stubborn to get her forgiveness. Meanwhile, a goon watches him and plans to take his life. Whereas, Krisha sees a dream and gets worried for Devraj. She becomes restless and goes to look after him.

Further, Devraj gets drenched in rain and enjoys the weather. He sees Krisha looking for him and tries to gain her attention but she ignores him and goes inside. She couldn’t able to stay calm and again decides to check on him. Whereas, some goons comes towards Devraj and attacks him brutally. They beats him and then stabs him with the knife, while he falls down being severely wounded.

The episode ends.

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