Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 21st July 2022 Written Update: Jaya exposes Krisha’s truth in front of Rathores


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 21st July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya getting worried about the property papers, whereas Vamika scolds her for being careless. She then tells her doubt towards Gauri, while Jaya denies it and ask Vamika not to bring out her personal grudges. Vamika tries to convince Jaya but gets unsuccessful. Jaya handovers the new documents to Vamika and ask her to get Virendra’s signatures. Whereas, at that time Raghav comes inside their room and confronts Jaya. He throws the property papers in front of her after tearing it and smirks stating that he knows about her plan.

Here, Jaya acts to be innocent and declares that she tried to get the signature from Virendra only to save the property from greedy members of the house. Raghav denies to believe her and proclaims that soon her truth will be out. He challenges her while she gets worried about her plan.

Krisha thinks about the incidents and gets suspicious about Jaya. She determines to find the truth. Meanwhile, Virendra gets poisoned and he fell on the floor, while Gauri gets shocked seeing his state. She immediately holds him and removes all the poison from his body.

Elsewhere, Gauri shouts for help and all the members gets concerned for Virendra. The doctor checks him and assures that he will be fine. He ask them to look after Virendra and then leaves from there, while Devraj shows his gratitude towards Gauri for saving his father. Whereas, Jaya also act to be worried for Virendra and thanks Gauri for the help.

Krisha thinks that Jaya can’t act to be concerned and becomes doubtful about her own decision. Whereas, she prays to the God for help. At that time Jaya comes there, while Gauri starts her plan and says that she brought some beneficial medicine for Virendra, which will surely help him to regain his memory. Jaya denies to believe her but still gets tensed.

Ahead, Jaya shares about Gauri’s medicine with Vamika while the latter laughs at it. She ask Jaya not to believe it, but still the latter gets doubtful and thinks that she can’t let anyone ruin her plan to get the property. Whereas, Gauri prays that it is necessary for Jaya to believe her in order to catch her red handedly.

Jaya gets inside the kitchen and sees Gauri making the medicine for Virendra. The latter leaves from there, while Jaya spikes the medicine and proclaims that she can’t let Virendra regain his memories as it will flop her plan. She determines to take her revenge and the property from Rathores, while at that time Krisha comes there and confronts the latter. Krisha gets shocked as Jaya reveals her intentions.

Further, Jaya shouts and exposes Krisha in front of everyone. She tells that the latter was disguised as Gauri and was trying to harm Virendra. She proclaims that the latter wanted to send Virendra to mental hospital and that is why she came as his caretaker, even after knowing that he does wanted her near him. Devraj gets furious at Krisha and scolds her, while the latter stays silent. Jaya suggests Devraj to send Krisha to her parent’s house for some days.

The episode ends.

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