Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 21st June 2022 Written Update: Krisha struggles to save Devraj


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 21st June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha getting a nightmare. She becomes worried for Devraj and hears his screams. Whereas, some goons attacked Devraj and beats him brutally. They hits his head and he falls down. He tries to stop them but gets unsuccessful. They holds his hands and stabs his stomach several times. They were about to stab him again, when Krisha comes there and gets shocked seeing the scenario. She screams Devraj’s name and rushes towards him, while the goons runs away. Devraj falls unconscious, whereas Krisha calls for help and the neighbours takes Devraj to the hospital.

Here, Krisha gets tensed for Devraj’s life and cries, while her parents tries to console her. Rati also gives support to Krisha and assures that Devraj will get fine. The doctors takes him inside the Opera theatre and the surgery gets started. Whereas, Vamika and Jaya also arrives there and the latter suspects her daughter behind the attack.

Jaya reminds Vamika about their revenge and scolds her for stooping so low. She says that Vamika’s step can spoil their plan, while the latter clearifies herself. She says that she can never harm Devraj and denies all the accusations. She ask Jaya to believe her, while the latter thinks that who can attack Devraj.

Elsewhere, Jaya determines to find the culprit. She confronts Krisha and ask her for help in order to find the person behind Devraj’s attack. Krisha ask the doctor about Devraj’s condition, while the latter says that it’s critical and they can’t say anything about him at that moment. Krisha keeps praying for Devraj and recalls their happy moments.

Krisha cries and promises Devraj to go back to the palace along with him if he gets fine. She puts vermillion on her hairline by Devraj’s blood and hallucinates that Devraj has pranked with her in order to get her forgiveness. She comes back to th reality, while her mother consoles her and ask to stay strong.

Ahead, Krisha goes towards the god’ s idol and prays for Devraj’s life. She takes an oath to kneel down in front of the God till Devraj gets fine. She learns that he went into the coma and the doctor says that if he doesn’t get conscious then they won’t be able to save him. Krisha gets shattered but shows her trust on God. She declares that her husband will surely regain his consciousness.

The goons notify his leader about the attack on Devraj and assures that he won’t be able to survive. He tells his plan to attack him again in order to kill him. He disguises his look as a doctor and goes inside the hospital. He ask the nurse about Devraj and makes an excuse to Jaya in order to send her away from there. He gets inside Devraj’s room and smirks.

Further, the attacker was about to inject the drug to kill Devraj inside his body, when the latter imagines himself in a dark place. He hears the voice of death calling him towards itself, while other side Krisha ask him to come towards her. He tries to go towards Krisha and opens his eyes, whereas the attacker smirks and was about to inject the drug. Meanwhile, Krisha gets worried for Devraj.

The episode ends.

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