Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Jaya’s pretentious act in front of Rathores


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 22nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya exposing Gauri in front of everyone. She proclaims that Krisha disguised as Gauri in order to escape the basement and acts to be concerned for Virendra. She tells that it could have affected the latter dangerously, as he doesn’t wanted to see Krisha in Front of him. She accuses Krisha for not caring about Virendra’s condition and fakes her emotions. Whereas, Devraj confront his wife and ask her the reason behind her act. Meanwhile, Jaya suggests Devraj to send Krisha to her parent’s house for some days.

Here, Krisha gets shocked learning about Jaya’s intentions and keeps observing her. Whereas, Virendra remembers the way Krisha saved his life and stops her from leaving the palace. He holds her hand and declares that he is alive only because of her. He declares that he wants Krisha to be with him and happily accepts her.

Krisha gets elated, while Vamika and Jaya becomes furious as their plan flops. Meanwhile, Devraj hugs Krisha and appreciates her idea to win Virendra’s trust. He expresses his happiness, while they both celebrates it. As he goes away, Jaya confronts Krisha and tells her that she won’t be able to do any harm to her.

Elsewhere, Krisha threatens Jaya and proclaims that she won’t let her harm any of the family member. She determines to expose Jaya’s truth in front of Devraj, while the latter laughs and proclaims that no one will trust her. Krisha gives a befitting reply to Jaya and goes away from there.

Jaya notify Vamika about the conversation between her and Krisha. Vamika gets furious at Krisha, while Jaya gets flashes of the time when Krisha confronted her. She remembers about the DNA test and the latter talking about the hair sample. Jaya gets worried and thinks about a plan to avoid the problems.

Ahead, Devraj and Krisha shares their happiness with one another. Devraj thinks about the culprit who kept Virendra locked inside the basement, while Krisha reveals the truth to him. He gets shocked learning that Jaya’s sample matched the culprit. He determines to confront the latter, while Jaya herself comes there.

Jaya declares that she wants to talk to Devraj and takes Krisha and him towards the hall. Everyone gathers around there, while she reveals that she was the one who kept Virendra inside the basement. All gets stunned, while she tells that the latter himself told her to do it. Gajvardhan denies to believe her, while she tells them a false story.

Ahead, Jaya makes up a story that Devraj’s mother had an affair and Virendra gets to know about it. He killed her in rage, but then feels guilty about it. He took a promise from Jaya to lock him inside the basement and to torture him in order to punish him for his mistake. Jaya fakes her cry and states that it was tough for her, while Devraj breaks down. Krisha gets dumbfounded seeing the act of Jaya and determines to expose her.

The episode ends.

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