Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Naina blames Krisha for burning Daksh’s photographs


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 22nd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj meeting the mysterious women. He gets shocked seeing Roma, while she cries and hugs him stating that she is devastated after learning about Daksh’s death. She smirks remembering the flashback when she called Dev and he questioned her that if she is the women who knows about Krisha’s truth. Roma decided to take advantage of the situation as Devraj doesn’t know about how the mysterious women looks like. She concluded that there is already a crack in between Krisha and his marriage, so decided to take benifit from it. She continues her emotional acting in front of Dev, to show him that she was severely affected by Daksh’s death.

Here, Roma gets close to Dev and consoles him stating that she will always be with him. Whereas, he questions that where was she all this time? To which she lies that she was occupied with her work. Meanwhile, Krisha gets ready for the Holi celebration along with the Rathore family.

Rathores welcomes their guests to the Holi function, while all the ladies make their husband wear the turban. Krisha also ask Jaya for her rights, while she tries to prohibit her. Jaya ask Krisha to stay away from Dev, while latter speaks for her rights as a wife. Devraj ask Jaya to let Krisha tie him the turban orelse she will create drama in front of everyone.

Elsewhere, Krisha makes Dev wear the turban and prays to god for his protection. They goes towards the bonfire in order to burn as a ritual. Krisha stands beside Dev and prays for their relationship. She ask God to burn all the negativity and misunderstandings from their relationship in the bonfire. At that time Dev lits the woods and everyone stands in front of it.

Devraj notices Daksh’s photo frames inside the bonfire and gets shocked. He tries to put his hand inside to bring out the photo, while others holds him to stop. He keeps shouting Daksh’s name, while Naina blames Krisha for it. Devraj gets furious at Krisha and rebukes her badly.

Ahead, Krisha cries and insists Dev to believe her. He goes inside and brings out their potrait. He ask her to burn their photo in the bonfire, same like she burned Daksh’s. She cries and questions of he doesn’t have any trust on her? He tries to make him understand and reminds him of their beautiful memories. Meanwhile, everyone accuses her.

Krisha says that she will jrn herself before she let anything happen to their photo. She was about to go inside the fire, when everyone gets shocked while Dev stops her. She insists him to trust her but he says that he would have thrown her out, if she wouldn’t have given them threat to tarnish their reputation. Krisha determines to stay in the same house and choses to shift her things in the temple.

Further, Rati and Aarav consoles Krisha and promises to find about the culprit. Whereas, Roma tries to feed Devraj, but he denies. He gets furious at Krisha and determines to send him away from the palace. Krisha hears their conversation and confronts him. She provokes him in order to make him eat his food. She gets satisfied as he completes his meal, while Roma throws her out of the room.

The end.

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