Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Krisha leaves the house to find Devraj


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 23rd February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya and Krisha keeping an eye on Raghav, Meenakshi and Gajvardhan. Jaya signals Krisha and they decides to start their act. Meanwhile, Ugra also comes there and gets furious at Jaya for not serving her dinner. Naina tries to control her mother stating that they can even stop giving them food and ask her to behave properly. Jaya gives a befitting reply to Ugra. Whereas, Daksh also comes there and ask for his milkshake. Krisha makes him sit and says that they will serve him his drink. Jaya gets a call and starts her acting. Aarav ask her about the matter as per their plan, to which she replies that they were suspicious about Roma and so have sended police to search for her.

Here, Jaya gets elated and informs them that Roma has been arrested. Whereas, Krisha keeps an eye on everyone’s expression. She remembers her plan about catching the culprit by lying that Roma has been found. Daksh gets shocked, while Meenakshi and Gajvardhan goes back to their room.

Aarav follows his parents and hears their conversation secretly. Gajvardhan talks about his outfits with the designer, while he gets relieved concluding that his parents are not involved. Krisha sees Raghav going out of the house and confronts him, while Rati also comes there and states tht she is going for a walk along with Raghav. Krisha smiles towards them and gets relieved.

Elsewhere, Daksh gets restless to go from there and was about to leave when Jaya stops him. He says that he will drink inside his room, but Jaya prohibits him. He gets anxious and then intentionally spill the drink into his shirt. Jaya and Krisha ask him to go change inside his room, while he smirks and goes away.

Daksh calls Roma after getting inside his room, while she assures him that she is safe. He catches Jaya and Krisha’s plan. He smirks evilly stating that no one can outsmart him. He says that nobody can find about Roma’s place and so their plan is full proof.

Ahead, Krisha cries inside her room and remembers Devraj. She determines to bring him back and worries about his situation. She prays to god for his safety, while Devraj also misses her and plans to escape from that place before Krisha could do something silly to save him and gets landed in danger.

Jaya and Aarav tries to open Krisha’s room but she doesn’t let them in. They gets worried, while after sometimes she opens it and they gets shocked seeing her standing with a packed luggage. She says that Maya is dead and so she will also leave from there. She says that there is no use of her inside the house, while Daksh hears their conversation through microphone. He couldn’t able to hear full conversation as she goes away from her room.

Further, Krisha bids adieu to everyone while Ugra smirks seeing her leaving. Jaya and Aarav tries to stop her while she hugs Rati and whispers that it is all their plan and ask her not to worry. She sits inside the car while Daksh also gets relieved seeing her going away from Devraj. Later, Krisha gets out of the car and meets Aarav. He notify her about the real identity of Akhil that is Jahangir Choudhary. He states that they can find him and assures that he will surely punish the culprit.

The end.

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