Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 24th March 2022 Written Update: Krisha applies for a job in Devraj’s office


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 24th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha waking up beside Devraj and smiles remembering their last night conversation. She gets flashes of his love confession and his fear of losing her. She shows her gratitude towards God for clearifing her doubts and declares that she will always protect Devraj’s happiness. She keeps adoring his face, while at that time he moves in order to wake up. She immediately pretends to sleep beside him, being scared of his anger. Whereas, Devraj gets furious upon seeing himself sleeping along with her and hurridly goes away from there. Meanwhile, Krisha again wakes up and smiles looking at God’s idol.

Here, Aarav comes to meet Krisha and ask about Devraj. She notify him about Dev being with her last night. He congratulates her for moving ahead in order to regain Dev’s trust. He also assures to help her and asks all the servants to join them. They all comes along with Devraj and Krisha’s pictures and lots of other stuffs.

The servants decorates the temple area, where Krisha was staying. She ask to help them, but they insists her to rest and happily completes the work. She shows her gratitude towards them and then goes inside Dev’s room. Whereas, Devraj gets furious remembering sleeping beside Krisha. He questions himself that how he went there?

Elsewhere, a servant gives food to Devraj stating that it is sended by Krisha. He sees a note with the food and reads it. She reminded him about their first meet, while he gets flashes of his she had poured Champaign on him. He found a Champaign bottle with lemon water inside it for his hangover.

Devraj gets angry and throws the bottle away breaking the mirror. He says that he can’t let Krisha come near him and remembers about Daksh. He regrets all the thing he have done being intoxicated. While, he notices Krisha hiding behind. He confronts her after asking her to come out.

Ahead, Krisha tells that how he was talking too much last night and then leaves from there, while he becomes anxious. Whereas, Naina gets disappointed as their plan to humiliate Krisha failed. Meenakshi also joins them on the breakfast table, while Ugra says that Krisha won’t be able to save herself for long enough.

Krisha comes to the breakfast table and challenges them that they won’t be able to throw her out. She says that she will win Devraj’s heart once again, while Ugra gets irked. She forcefully makes Meenakshi and Naina eats the food, while latters gets shocked seeing her behaviour. At that time Jaya comes there and Krisha ask her to feed the curd for good luck as she was going to give interview in Devraj’s office to get a job. Jaya denies her but Krisha still goes stating that she won’t leave Devraj’s side when he needs her.

Further, Krisha takes the scooty and goes to the office. Devraj gets shocked seeing her inside his cabin and questions her about it, to which she replies that she wants to do a job. She does a funny drama and requests him to give her one chance. He thinks about it and then keeps a condition before given her job. He ask her to fulfill some tasks before getting the work, to which she agrees. He tells her that she won’t be able to complete it, while she accepts his challenge stating that she can do anything for him.

The end.

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