Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 25th February 2022 Written Update: Daksh determines to kill Devraj


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 25th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha asking people about Akhil. She shows his photo and questions the crowd but they denies about seeing him. She gets worried regarding Devraj and cries. She sees Devraj’s picture and thinks about his state. Whereas, Devraj struggles to untie himself. He feels extremely cold inside the morgue room and rubs his hands to generate some heat. He pushes himself and falls down on the floor. He tries to crawl but couldn’t able to do it. He starts shivering due to the cold temperature and remembers Krisha. He tries to shout for help but the clothe in his mouth, resists him.

Here, Krisha gets tensed but doesn’t loose her hope. At that moment she sees Akhil inside the ambulance and follows him. She joins the dots and thinks they must be transferring Devraj to somewhere. She opens the backdoor of the ambulance but gets disheartened upon not finding Dev.

Akhil says that if Devraj dies then they will get into trouble. He tears a paper and throws it out of the window. She hears his conversation and gets the papers which he have thrown. Whereas, he drives the ambulance from there and goes away. She sees the paper and finds out that Devraj is in the hospital. She calls Aarav and notify him about it.

Elsewhere, Jaya ask the doctor to check Daksh while he tries to go away from there. He resists them and says that he is fine. Whereas, Jaya gets concerned for him along with Rati and Aarav. Roma whispers in Jaya’s ear that they should sedate him as he starts getting violent. Jaya tells about it to the doctor and he injects him forcefully, making him sleep.

Krisha reaches the hospital and ask the guard about the ambulance. He ignores her stating that there are lots of ambulance which come and goes. She requests him to help her and shows the picture of Devraj and Akhil, but he denies about seeing them. She gets worried and determines to find Dev.

Ahead, the guard starts talking to two wardboys and makes fun of one of them stating that while checking the morgue room, he have seen a dead body’s moving finger. They makes fun of him and states that it is nonsense. Whereas, Krisha concludes that it must be Devraj and sneak towards the morgue room.

Krisha tries to get inside the morgue room but the guard doesn’t allow her. He says that no one can go inside without permission, but she tries to make him understand. Whereas, Devraj keeps shivering and starts loosing his sense. At that time he throws his ring out of the room, while Krisha gets it. She remembers the time when she promised him that one day he will surely confess his love to her. She tries hard to get inside the morgue room, but the guards sends her away.

Further, Aarav comes there and helps Krisha. He handles the guards while she breaks the door of morgue room and gets relieved on finding Devraj. She hugs him and rubs his shoulder to provide heat. Later, the doctor checks Devraj and praises Krisha for saving him. Daksh gets furious seeing them, while Krisha goes to prepare for some special dishes. Meanwhile, Devraj indirectly says about his love for Krisha, whereas Jaya and Rati teases him. Daksh smirks and plans about killing Devraj.

The end.

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