Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 25th July 2022 Written Update: Krisha determines to expose Jaya


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 25th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya lying to Rathores about keeping Virendra inside the basement. She makes up a story when she realises that her crimes are about to get exposed. She starts her emotional act and cries in front of Devraj. She tells that Virendra himself asked her to keep him locked inside the basement and took a promise to punish him for killing his wife. Jaya lies that she never wanted to hurt Virendra but was bound by the royal promise. She smirks looking at Krisha and then continues her acting to fool Devraj.

Here, Jaya keeps looking at Devraj while he thinks about the circumstances. Krisha gets stunned seeing Jaya’s acting and murmurs to reveal her truth in front of Devraj. She gets worried seeing the way Jaya traps Devraj in her ploy, while the latter proclaims that she will leave the palace if Devraj thinks her to be wrong.

Jaya faces Devraj and tells that how hard it was for her to punish Virendra. She continues the story stating that Virendra starts loosing his memories and she keep looking after him by consulting the doctors. She says that he suffered amnesia and so without any other option she has tied him up, so that he won’t cause any harm to others.

Elsewhere, Jaya looks at Krisha and tells that the latter saw Virendra and released him without knowing the truth. She also tells that she was scared to notify them about the past and then breaksdown stating that she will accept all the punishment of Devraj.

Ugra looks at Jaya and denies to believe her. She ask for the proofs, but Jaya tells that she doesn’t have any to show them. She tries to manipulate Devraj, while Gajvardhan also says that he doesn’t trust her. Jaya declares that she is ready to leave the palace, but suddenly Devraj stops her and hugs her tightly.

Ahead, Jaya smirks looking at Krisha while the latter gets tensed. Devraj gets fooled by Jaya as he believes her and declares that she won’t go anywhere. He proclaims to trust her and says that he doesn’t need any proofs from her. Meanwhile, others gets shocked by his decision and then goes away, while Jaya confronts Krisha and says that she can never come in between her revenge.

Krisha challenges Jaya and declares that she will surely expose her. Whereas, Devraj gets emotional seeing his parents pictures, while Jaya consoles him. She then shows the property papers to him and ask him to take his rights, but he denies and decides to give it to her. He declares that she deserves it.

Further, Raghav tells about his suspicious towards Jaya while Ugra decide to join hands with Gajvardhan. They all plans to convince Devraj not to give his properties to Jaya, but the latter denies to listen to them. He questions Krisha about his decision, to which she lies to him and says that he is right.

The episode ends.

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