Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 26th July 2022 Written Update: Krisha joins hands with Rati against Jaya


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha agreeing to Devraj’s decision for naming the property to Jaya. He declares to give power of attorney to Jaya and ask Krisha about it. The latter supports him unwillingly, while Jaya smirks and challenges Krisha. Meanwhile, she works inside the kitchen, whereas at that time Rati and Meenakshi comes there and confronts Krisha about her decision. Meenakshi questions that if she is supporting Jaya? She also states that she doesn’t trust the latter as she knew about Devraj’s mother and has full faith on her.

Here, Rati also shows her concern and ask Krisha to re-think about her decision. The latter calms both Rati and Meenakshi. She tells them that she also doesn’t trust Jaya but doesn’t have any other choice instead of supporting Devraj, as he is blinded by Jaya’s lies. She notify them about the DNA test report and says that Jaya is the culprit.

Krisha tells them about her plan to trap Jaya in her own ploy. She ask for Meenakshi and Rati’s help, while both agrees to do it. Meenakshi shows her support towards Krisha and determines to save the property papers. Whereas, Vamika meets Jaya and decides to enjoy their luxury. She tells about all her plans after getting the property.

Elsewhere, Jaya warns Vamika to stay in her limit. She ask the latter to be attentive and reminds about Krisha keeping an eye on them. She tells Vamika that they can’t able to afford risking their revenge and advice her not to come inside her room regularly.

Devraj takes Krisha inside the room and ask her to sew his shirt button. She smiles at him and then starts sewing it. He keeps staring at her loving and showers love towards her, while she reminds him about the office work and sends him away. She plans to spike Jaya’s drink in order to stop the transfer procedure of property.

Ahead, Rati along with Meenakshi and Krisha searches for the spiked tea and sees it with Gajvardhan. Meenakshi snatches it from him and gives to Rati, while the latter serves it to Jaya. But, Vamika comes there and prohibits Jaya from drinking it. She talks about her diabetes, while Krisha gets shocked and thinks that no one knows about it.

Devraj shows the papers to Jaya, while she act in front of him. She traps him in her pretentious act, while the lawyer comes to take Virendra’s signature. Krisha and Rati gets worried and tries to stop the procedure. Krisha switches off the light, while Devraj gives a glass of water to Jaya. The latter was about to sign the property papers but suddenly gets fainted.

Further, doctor checks Jaya and advice them to look after her. Krisha shows her fake concern and manipulates Devraj to not transfer the property papers to Jaya as it will burden her. The latter agrees and gives the palace keys and power of attorney to Krisha. Jaya gets furious and determines to get the property back to herself. Jaya shares her anger with Vamika and ploys against Krisha.

The episode ends.

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