Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 27th July 2022 Written Update: Jaya plans a fake raid to get the treasure


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 27th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha putting her god’s idol inside the treasure box. She locks it inside the cupboard and determines to fulfill her duty sincerely. She prays to god in order to help her, while at that time Devraj comes there and complains that she doesn’t give attention to him. She smiles looking at him and ask for a gift. Devraj reminds about the power of attorney that he named to her, to which she replies that she isn’t interested in money or Jewelleries. He expresses his love for her, while suddenly they hears some noises from downstairs and goes to check.

Here, Rathores gets shocked seeing the tax employees inside their house, who proclaims to do a raid. Jaya smirks seeing them as it was all planned by her, while Devraj reads the letter in which the raid is mentioned. Jaya also acts to check the papers and says that they have legal orders.

Krisha demands for their ID proofs and checks their cards. Devraj allows them to check their house, while they goes towards the treasure box. Jaya whispers to them about doing their job correctly, while they assures to her. Vamika wire Jaya about it, to which latter says that their mens will handle the situation.

Elsewhere, the fake employees demands for legal documents for the treasures, to which Devraj replies that they don’t have it as it is gifted by the people of Ambikapur. He discuss with Jaya that he isn’t worried about it, as he knows they haven’t done anything wrong.

The fake employees declares to take the treasure box, while Devraj allows them stating that it will get back to the Ambikapur residents. Naina and Raghav tries to stop the employee and declares that they can’t take it, to which the latter replies that they have legal orders and goes from there.

Ahead, Jaya smirks as her plan gets successful and sends Vamika to take the treasure box. Whereas, Krisha gets suspicious and calls the tax office to enquire about the raid, they replies that they haven’t conducted any raid. Everyone gets shocked, while Jaya fakes to get worried.

Jaya taunts Krisha inside her room and reminds about their challenge. She says that she won it, while Krisha smirks and proclaims to get back the treasure. She calls the police and notify them about the tracker in her god’s idol. The police goes to catch the culprits, while Jaya gets shocked.

Further, Krisha snatches Jaya’s phone while the latter gets tensed to contact Vamika. She herself goes to save her daughter, while Krisha gets suspicious about their relationship. Jaya saves Vamika on time and threatens her mens not to take her name during interrogation. Whereas, Rathores appreciates Krisha for her work, while Jaya gets irked by her.

The episode ends.

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