Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 28th February 2022 Written Update: Akhil decides to take his revenge from Daksh


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Episode starts with Jaya gathering all the security team and bodyguards of their palace. She ask them to follow Krisha’s order, while latter starts speaking regarding the safety of Devraj. She says that they can’t let anything happen to Devraj anymore. She requests them to tighten the security and shows them the sketch of Akhil, whereas Roma gets shocked seeing it. Krisha notify the guards that Akhil was the one who kidnapped Devraj and ask them to find him anyhow. She motivates them stating that they won’t let Akhil live freely and declares that they have to get him arrested and will punish him for his deeds.

Here, the security takes the sketch of Akhil and assures Krisha that they will definitely find him. They shows their affection and concern towards Devraj and determines to find Akhil. Meanwhile, Jaya ask them to check each and every person who comes inside their house. She orders that they should be informed whenever anyone will come inside the house, while the guards agrees to her.

Meenakshi shows her worry towards her husband, stating that his life can also be in danger. Whereas, Jaya ask her to relax and says that Devraj needs security as he is the prince. She goes away, while Gajvardhan taunts Meenakshi for being a coward.

Elsewhere, Roma picks the sketch of Akhil and worries about him getting caught. She says that she have to find him before Krisha as he is the only one who can tell the truth to everyone that Daksh was behind all the ploy.

Devraj remembers the way he was attacked and was stuck inside the morgue room. Whereas, Krisha comes there to assure him. She tries to comfort him and says that she will always be there to protect him. He shows his love towards her and express his gratitude.

Ahead, Krisha tries to change the topic and ask him to flirt with her. She laughs seeing his way to approach while he gets lost in her beauty. They both gets into an eyelock and he goes near her. She gets shy and was about to go away from there, when she slips but Devraj saves her and she falls into his arms.

Daksh intentionally disturbs Devraj and Krisha’s moment and then shows his fake concern towards him. He reminds Devraj about the time they use to spend with Maya, while Devraj questions that why he haven’t told about his love for Maya before? Daksh replies that he wanted to discuss it first with Maya after their divorce. Meanwhile, Devraj tells about his plan to propose Krisha and ask for Daksh’s help, while latter smirks ploying against him.

Further, Akhil calls Daksh asking for his money but latter denies. Akhil gets furious and ask Daksh to help him to escape the police, but latter denies. Akhil gets furious and determines to take his revenge from him. He sees the tight security inside the palace and gets disguise to go inside it. Meanwhile, Krisha sees them but couldn’t able to recognise.

Daksh talks with Maya and tells that he always feels her near him. He says that he get used to live wkth her memories. He also shares his evil ploy with her potrait, while Krisha comes there to give him juice. She says that he can share his feelings with her, while he thinks that she can’t able to bear his thinking. He determines to kill Devraj and states that she couldn’t able to save him.

The end.

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