Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 29th July 2022 Written Update: Jaya turns Rathores against Krisha


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 29th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaya threatening Krisha about blaming her mother Sudha for stealing the money, while the latter agrees to accept Jaya’s demand. Devraj questions Krisha about the money, to which the latter gets tensed and looks at Jaya. She signal towards her phone to Krisha, while the latter gets scared and lies to Devraj that she has taken the money. Devraj gets shocked and again ask her about it, to which she replies that she has taken the money and had given it to her parents. He gets angry at her and reminds that he never stopped her from taking the money.

Here, Devraj feels ashamed in front of the clients and sends them away stating that he will pay them afterwards. He scolds Krisha and confronts her regarding her action. She cries and stays silent just in order to save her mother, while Jaya smirks as her plan starts working.

Devraj rebukes Krisha for making him feel humiliated in front of his clients and says that she lost his trust. He tells that he always had faith on her more then anyone and that is why given her the power of attorney, but she misused it and ruined his reputation. She bends her head being helpless.

Elsewhere, Vanika instigates Ugra and Naina against Krisha and reminds them the time when she denied to give them money. Ugra confronts Krisha and scolds her for acting in front of them. She says that she can never win their heart and will get considered as the family member. Naina also shouts at Krisha and says that she will never accept her as their own.

Krisha gets sad while Jaya smirks seeing her condition. The latter taunts Krisha and celebrates her victory, whereas the latter proclaims to teach a lesson to Jaya. She takes an oath to expose Jaya in front of everyone, while the latter laughs hearing Krisha’s vow and advice her to first save herself.

Ahead, Krisha tries to apologise to Devraj but he denies to talk to her. He says that she has disappointed him and packs his bag to go for a meeting. She determines to gain back Devraj’s trust, while Jaya again mocks her. The latter challenges Jaya and then goes towards Virendra. She spends her time with him and he recalls some of his past events.

Rati gets happy and ask Krisha to notify it to Devraj, but the latter denies stating that it will cause danger to Virendra as Jaya will try to harm her after finding about his progress. Rati says that Jaya is dangerous and ask Krisha to be aware, she also ask about the truth behind the money, while Krisha apprises her about Jaya’s threat.

Further, Rati assures Krisha that soon Jaya will be exposed. Whereas, Vamika warns Jaya about Krisha and Rati’s conversation, while the latter gains Ugra, Raghav and Naina’s trust by giving them money and ask them to find about Rati and Krisha’s conversation. She also fakes her concern towards them and says that she just want to save the palace and its property from Krisha.

The episode ends.

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