Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 28th July 2022 Written Update: Vamika steals the money and traps Sudha


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Naina advising Ugra to please Krisha. She tells that the whole property is on her name as well as she looks after the treasures and money of the palace, the latter advice her mother to win Krisha’s trust. Ugra agrees to Naina’s plan and notices Krisha sitting on the dinning table. They goes towards her and starts expressing their fake concern. They pampers Krisha and serves food to her, whereas the latter gets confused with their changed behaviour. Ugra sits along with Krisha and ask her for money, while the latter replies that she will ask Devraj for permission.

Here, Ugra tries to manipulate Krisha but gets unsuccessful. She insists the latter to take her decision and starts forcing her to give the money, but the latter says that it belongs to Devraj and she can’t give without his permission. At that time Virendra comes there and takes Krisha along with her, while Ugra and Naina gets irked.

Vamika laughs seeing Ugra and Naina’s situation and makes fun of them. Whereas, Krisha’s mother Sudha comes to the palace to meet Krisha. Jaya welcomes her and fakes her innocent side. Krisha gets happy seeing her mother, while at that time Devraj also comes there and gives money box to Krisha. He ask her to keep it inside the locker, while she goes to her room to keep it safely.

Elsewhere, Jaya ask Vamika to follow Krisha and see the place where she keeps the keys. Vamika follows her and notices the place where Krisha hides the key along with the locker. She then goes away from there, while Krisha gets busy in chatting with Sudha. Meanwhile, Jaya makes a cunning plan.

Sudha decides to take a leave but Jaya stops her and says that she rarely visits there. She ask the latter to stay for some time and insists her to accept her request, while Sudha agrees to it. Krisha and Devraj serves everyone and enjoys their quality time. Devraj cooks specially for Sudha and looks after her, while the latter blesses him.

Ahead, Jaya ask Vamika to steal the money box from Krisha’s room while the latter goes inside and gets successful in stealing it. Vamika doubts Jaya’s plan and says that no one will believe that Krisha has stolen the money. Jaya smirks playing with the cash and says that she has planned far better then that. She ask Vamika not to underestimate her.

Jaya goes inside Sudha’s room as the latter plans to leave the palace. She gives the money box to Sudha, while the latter denies to take it. Jaya fakes her act and lies that the box contains sweets and ask her not to open it, as it can fall and get ruined. Sudha gets fooled by Jaya and keeps the money box inside her suitcase.

Further, Devraj ask Krisha to give the money to him, while she gets shocked as she doesn’t find the box. She confronts Jaya, while the latter shows her Sudha’s video in which she was taking the box, which was recorded by Vamika. Krisha gets shocked, while Jaya proclaims to send it to Devraj. The latter gets worried for her mother and requests Jaya not to do it. Jaya agrees to Krisha’s request and ask her to follow her command.

The episode ends.

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