Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Gajvardhan decides to help Krisha


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 2nd August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Meenakshi asking Gajvardhan about the mysterious women by showing her picture. He keeps thinking about her, but couldn’t able to recall her name. Meenakshi gets an idea and provokes Gajvardhan stating that he is getting old and that is why couldn’t able to remember anyone. He gets instigated and determines to recall the servant. But, at that time he confronts Meenakshi stating that she is asking it to help Krisha. She tries to hide the truth from him but he smirks and says that she can’t fool him. At that time they hears some noise and moves out of their room to check.

Here, Ugra and Naina were eavesdropping Meenakshi and Gajvardhan’s conversation. The latter suspects Ugra and tells Meenakshi that his sister is spying on them for Jaya. He tells that he don’t want to help Krisha, but if he have to choose in between Jaya and Krisha then he will surely choose the latter.

Meenakshi goes out and notify Krisha about her conversation with Gajvardhan, while the latter decides to find about the mysterious women. Whereas, Ugra tells Jaya about the conversation of Gajvardhan and Meenakshi, regarding the old servant. The latter gets suspicious and gives more money to Ugra, asking her to keep an eye on everyone.

Elsewhere, Devraj gets close to Krisha but she lies to him stating that she is going to meet her friend. She goes out of the house, while Jaya sends Vamika to follow Krisha. The latter warns her daughter not to do any mistake and ask her to be alert. Whereas, Krisha somehow changes her place in the car with Rati.

Vamika gets shocked seeing Rati instead of Krisha and tells Jaya about it. The latter also gets furious and decides a ploy against Krisha. Whereas, the latter goes to the address of mysterious women and sees a man. She questions him about the women, while he notify that she is Basanti, his mother but tells that she died long back.

Ahead, Krisha gets shocked learning about the information. Meanwhile, Jaya questions Devraj about Krisha and makes him call her friend. He finds out that Krisha was lying and confronts her when she return back. Jaya and Devraj accuses Krisha for lying to him, while the latter ask Jaya not to interfere in their matter. Jaya acts to be concern about Devraj and rebukes Krisha.

Devraj takes a shocking decision and declares that he won’t stay with Krisha in the same room. Whereas, Krisha proclaims to leave the room and goes away from there. Devraj gets anxious, while Virendra sees a nightmare. Krisha calms the latter down and sees the same mysterious women. She decides to follow her and determines to find her truth.

Further, Krisha proclaims to expose Jaya in front of everyone, while Vamika celebrates for her victory. Jaya warns her not to get too much excited and reminds her that they needs to throw Krisha out of the house. The latter also determines to find about Krisha’s motive.

The episode ends.

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