Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 2nd March 2022 Written Update: Krisha determines to find the culprit


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 2nd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha worrying about Daksh and goes to see him. She learns about his room being burnt by the fire and feels sympathy towards him as all the things related to Maya also got destroyed. She goes to comfort him, whereas he makes Maya’s photo with the ashes and determines to take his revenge from Devraj. He decides to snatch everything from his brother and declares that Krisha will be responsible for it. He says that Devraj will have to face all the pain which he have felt and proclaims to kill him. Whereas, Krisha sees the axe and remembers that she have seen it near the accident place.

Here, Krisha remembers Akhil’s words about the mastermind behind the plan. She gets tensed thinking about the culprit and determines to find him to save Devraj. She pledges to catch the culprit and punish him for all the mess. Whereas, Daksh declares that again there will be an attack on Devraj. He determines to take his position as the prince of the palace.

Krisha meets Jaya who notify her about Rajguruji. She says that he will come to do the Puja and ask her to prepare food for him. Krisha agrees and goes inside the kitchen. She feels hungry and starts talking to herself. At that time servants comes there and have a conversation with her. They insists her to eat something and assures that no one will say anything.

Elsewhere, Krisha was about to eat but controls herself remembering her fast. She says that if Devraj will get to know about it, then he will scold her. She states that she can keep a fast for him. She prepares the food and then goes to apprise Jaya about it.

Rajguruji comes inside the palace while Rathores welcomes him respectfully. Jaya shows guruji to Krisha and tells her that he always warns them about the danger and have always protected them from any misery. Krisha gets elated learning about it and decides to talk to him regarding Devraj’s safety.

Ahead, a guy gets inside the kitchen and mixes something in Krisha’s handmade food. He then meets Daksh, who reminds him about the plan and ask to do everything perfectly. Whereas, Krisha sees them having a conversation and gets suspicious.

Krisha takes blessings from Rajguru, while he ask her to be with Devraj as the danger haven’t left him. He ask her to protect him, while she was about to ask some questions but he stops her and goes away. The Puja gets started while Krisha and Devraj performs it. Daksh keeps looking at them from upstairs and signals his men. The guy pushes the chandelier stand upon Devraj making him injured and then rushes from there after taking the axe.

Further, Krisha follows him but he runs away hiding his face. Krisha manages to snatch the axe and gets worried for Devraj. Whereas, Gajvardhan ask Raghav to call the doctor and takes Devraj inside the room. Ugra smirks seeing the drama. Rajguruji says that they can’t stop the Puja in between, while Meenakshi tells that her son Aarav can perform it. Jaya denies and tells that in absence of Devraj, Daksh will be the Prince and he will perform the Puja. Whereas, Daksh gets elated as his plan gets successful.

The end.

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