Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 30th March 2022 Written Update: Krisha gets jealous seeing Devraj with Laila


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 30th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha getting inside Devraj’s cabin and gets elated upon seeing him cracking the deal successfully. She gets excited and then congratulates him. Whereas, he questions her for wasting her time in his cabin and ask to do her work. She reminds him that she got the job of his personal secretary and have all the rights to stay in his cabin. She confidently looks at him, while he drags her and takes towards her chamber. He ask her to read the appointment letter carefully. She goes through it and gets shocked after reading it, as she learns that she got the job of assistant secretary.

Here, Krisha thinks about the personal secretary of Devraj, while at that time Laila comes there and Dev introduces her as his main secretary to Krisha. Whereas, Laila makes fun of Krisha and ask her to follow her orders in order to survive in the office. She then gives work to Krisha and pronounce her name incorrectly. Krisha corrects her, while she pays no attention and goes towards Devraj.

Krisha gets jealous seeing Laila near Devraj and secretly sees them sitting close to one another. She burns with jealous and determine to teach a lesson to Laila after solving the illegal weapons matter. She thinks about the place where Vikram can hide the weapons and worries about it.

Elsewhere, Laila calls Krisha and appoints her some works. She orders Krisha to be careful and sends her to distribute coffee to the whole staff. Krisha fakes a smile and takes her name incorrectly, making Laila furious. Whereas, Krisha mistakenly throws ink on Laila’s shirt and gets scolded by her.

Laila goes to clean her dress while Roma worried about Krisha solving the case and getting close to Devraj. She remembers how she luckily heard the voice note of Krisha and have threaten her not to get involved in the matter. She determines to expose Vikram by herself, so that she can take the credit and get close to Devraj.

Ahead, Roma comes to the office while Devraj leaves for Udaipur and ask Krisha to help Roma. Whereas, Krisha tries to hear Vikram’s singh conversation and tries to find about the weapons, but gets worried hearing about their plan to blame Devraj for illegal business. She mistakenly drops the glass and close the door in order to prevent Vikram from coming out.

Krisha rushes from there to take someone’s help and notify Devraj about it but gets worried learning that he went to Udaipur. Where, Roma opens the door and points gun at Vikram, as well as he also does the same. She threatens him while he gets scared and ask his mens to go out of the hotel. She also ask him to kill Krisha while he agrees.

Further, Krisha gets a message of Vikram threatening to kill guests of the hotel if Krisha doesn’t come to save them. Krisha risks her life and goes there, while the staff informs Devraj about the matter and he returns back to the hotel. He tries to find Krisha and gets shocked upon seeing bomb tied on her waist. She ask him to leave from there while he keeps staring at her.

The end.

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